Linda Robinson and Frank Kearney on The Future of U.S. Special Operations Forces

Linda Robinson

Former adjunct senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Anya Schmemann

Director for Editorial Strategy, Studies Program, and Director, Task Force Program, Council on Foreign Relations

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Corporate Teleconference: Linda Robinson on the Future of Special Forces

With the film Zero Dark Thirty set to premiere this week, Linda Robinson, former CFR adjunct senior fellow and national security expert, discusses the future of U.S. special forces. In Robinson's Foreign Affairs essay, "The Future of Special Operations," she writes that the time has come to change the nature of special operations and go beyond drone strikes and kill-and-capture missions like the one that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. Instead, U.S. special forces should deprioritize this "direct approach" in favor of an "indirect approach."

Media Conference Call: The Future of Special Operations

Linda Robinson, Public Policy Scholar with the Wilson Center, discusses her essay in Foreign Affairs, "The Future of Special Operations," with the magazine's managing editor Jonathan Tepperman.

U.S. Special Operations Forces

Linda Robinson discusses the future of U.S. special operations forces.

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