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National Intelligence Estimate: Strategic Implications of Global Health

Published January 2009

The National Intelligence Council released this December 2008 publication in January 2009. The report states,

"Highly publicized virulent infectious diseases—including HIV/AIDS, a potential influenza pandemic, and “mystery” illnesses such as the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)—remain the most direct health-related threats to the United States, but are not the only health indicators with strategic significance. Chronic, non-communicable diseases; neglected tropical diseases; maternal and child mortality; malnutrition; sanitation and access to clean water; and availability of basic health-care2 also affect the US national interest through their impacts on the economies, governments, and militaries of key countries and regions."

The report builds on a 2000 National Intelligence Estimate, "Global Infectious Disease Threat and its Implications for the United States".

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