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The Pew Financial Reform Project: A G-20 Primer

Author: Michael Crowley
September 18, 2009


The Pew Economic Policy Department follows the history of the G-20 and lays out what one can expect to see at the end of the 2009 Pittsburgh summit.

The third meeting of the G-20 heads of government will take place in Pittsburgh, PA on September 24-25, 2009. The outgoing Bush Administration convened the first meeting of G-20 heads of state in Washington, DC in November 2008. Since then, the G-20 is rapidly establishing itself as the leading international forum for coordinating national policies to limit the damage from the global economic crisis, and for recommending changes to the global financial architecture that will help to prevent a future crisis, or mitigate its effects.

This background note will provide an overview of the origins of the G-20 as a heads-of-state meeting, review the outcome of the two previous G-20 meetings in Washington, DC and London in April, 2009, and discuss the agenda for the Pittsburgh meeting and expectations for what policy outcomes may be achieved there.

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