Preventing Conflict in Sudan

Jendayi Frazer Adjunct Senior Fellow for Africa Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
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Final Countdown

In the past, U.S. officials have been less than eager to define a specific redline for the Iranian threat. While setting a March deadline could provide more certainty and coercive leverage to compel Iran to cooperate with the IAEA, it also places U.S. "credibility" on the line, says Micah Zenko.

Bomb, Coerce or Contain Iran

Gregory Koblentz weighs the U.S. foreign policy options toward Iran.

President Obama has said "all options are on the table" regarding Iran. What would a military option look like?

The United States has long struggled with how to manage Iran's nuclear ambitions. Any U.S. military option in Iran is likely to be dynamic, depending on its objectives.

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