Richard Haass on "The New Middle East"

Richard N. Haass
Richard N. Haass Author, "The New Middle East," Foreign Affairs; President, Council on Foreign Relations
Gideon Rose Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs
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Council on Foreign Relations Special Luncheon Briefing on the Middle East [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]

CFR President Richard Haass discusses his latest Foreign Affairs article on the emergence of a new era in the Middle East.

Prospect Magazine: "The Middle of Nowhere"

In Prospect magazine, Edward Luttwak argues that the rest of the world should stop paying so much attention to the modern Middle East -- unless compelled by immediate danger.  Most of the stated reasons for concern are either vastly exaggerated or flatly false.  

A New Push for Mideast Peace

Secretary of State John Kerry is launching new Mideast shuttle diplomacy, but President Obama's commitment to brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement remains to be seen, says expert Martin Indyk.

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