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UN Secretary-General Report: Global Health and Foreign Policy: Strategic Opportunities and Challenges

Published September 23, 2009

This UN Secretary-General's report, Global Health and Foreign Policy: Strategic Opportunities and Challenges, was released on September 23, 2009. The report "examines the interlinkages between health, poverty alleviation and development, as well as the role of health in the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. Global health touches upon all the core functions of foreign policy: achieving security, creating economic wealth, supporting development in low-income countries and protecting human dignity. Government and non-Government stakeholders have started to recognize the strategic value of how and why the foreign policy community’s support for the health sector is vital for advancing both. The need for increased foreign policy and diplomatic activities on global health problems has created opportunities and challenges for those who shape the foreign and health policies of Member States.

The report identifies the health-related challenges that must be addressed by
foreign policymakers and the key foreign policy issues that have a significant impact
on health."

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