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The United States and the Post-Cold War World (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair, and James F. Hoge Jr.

The United States and the Post-Cold War World (Foreign Affairs Books) - the-united-states-and-the-post-cold-war-world-foreign-affairs-books

Publisher Foreign Affairs

Release Date January 2001

Price Out of Print

174 pages
ISBN 0876092865




Foreign Policy As Social Work
Michael Mandelbaum,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 1996

The Myth of the Post-Cold War Chaos
G. John Ikenberry,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 1996

Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy
William Kristol and Robert Kagan,  Foreign Affairs,  July/August 1996

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy
Fareed Zakaria,  Foreign Affairs  November/December 1997

The Testing of American Foreign Policy
Madeleine K. Albright,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1998

The Lonely Superpower
Samuel P. Huntington,  Foreign Affairs,  March/April 1999

Redefining the National Interest
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.,  Foreign Affairs,  July/August 1999

Promoting the National Interest
Condoleezza Rice,  Foreign Affairs,  January/February 2000

Two Cheers for Clinton's Foreign Policy
Stephen Walt,  Foreign Affairs,  March/April 2000

The Squandered Presidency
Richard N. Haas,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 2000

A Foreign Policy for the Global Age
Samuel R. Berger,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 2000

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