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Urban Land Institute: Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority

May 16, 2011


This Report, the fifth in an annual series coproduced by the Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young, looks at infrastructure activities across six continents, paying particular attention to emerging markets in the United States. The report outlines infrastructure policy, looks at future trends in infrastructure investment and recommends strategies to facilitate growth.

Based on extensive research and interviews with industry leaders, this report surveys global infrastructure trends and activities in 2011 (part I), then examines in depth current U.S. infrastructure policy and the outlook for meeting the nation’s significant repair and rebuilding challenges (part II). The U.S. section forecasts possible progress over the next several years, tracks disparate strategies and major projects in the country’s primary metropolitan areas, and recommends approaches for overcoming substantial political and fiscal obstacles.

Hoping to gain footholds in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, most leading countries have reaffirmed infrastructure repair and development as high investment and strategic priorities in 2011, but struggle to address funding shortfalls. Whether in countries with mature economies coping in order to emerge from recent economic doldrums or their more vigorous emerging-market competitors seeking further advances, governments and business leaders realize that executing on well-established, national infrastructure programs and policies is integral to future success and prosperity.

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