U.S. Immigration Policy: Report of a CFR Sponsored Independent Task Force Report

Edward Alden Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Task Force Director, CFR Sponsored Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy
Thomas F. McClarty III President, McLarty Associates; former White House Chief of Staff; Task Force Co-Chair, CFR Sponsored Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy
Frances Fragos Townsend Partner, Baker Botts, LLP; Former Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; Task Force Member, CFR Sponsored Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy
Edward Schumacher-Matos Director, Harvard Immigration and Integration Studies Project, and Adjunct Lecturer, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

The report of this bipartisan Task Force of distinguished leaders and experts represents a strong consensus on the importance of repairing America's immigration policy. It makes the case that maintaining America's political and economic leadership depends on attracting talented and hard-working immigrants, and on securing the country's borders in a smart, effective, and humane way.

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