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Carnegie Endowment: Yemen After Saleh's Return and Awlaki's Exit

Author: Christopher Boucek
October 27, 2011


The Carnegie Endowment's Christopher Boucek discusses the developing situation in Yemen and what strategies the U.S. might pursue to most successfully reduce violence in the country.

Yemen is seemingly slipping deeper into turmoil after months of antigovernment protests and mounting tensions. The risk of a protracted conflict erupting into an uncontrollable civil war looms large. With Yemen teetering ever closer to the brink, fears are high that the threat of terrorism emanating from the country could grow even more pronounced.

In a Q&A, Christopher Boucek analyzes Yemen’s internal situation, the strength of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and U.S. counterterrorism efforts. He argues that while recent U.S. drone strikes have been successful, the United States cannot rely on a remote control to defeat terrorism. Improving governance and quality of life for Yemenis will do more to reduce violence in Yemen than drones ever will.

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