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The Israeli prime minister’s upcoming address to the U.S. Congress will aim to rally support for the ongoing campaign to destroy Hamas and beat back a growing threat from Hezbollah.


In a visit in June, I found a somber mood and many doubts about the current national leadership.


Israel has made eliminating the threat from the Gaza-based militant group a central war aim, but it’s not entirely clear at what point that condition will be met.  


Four experts evaluate the alliance’s future given the uncertainty of the upcoming U.S. election.


Enhancing support for Ukraine’s military and defense industrial base is top of mind at the NATO Summit last week, especially if the United States should step back after the presidential election. Despite challenges, there are also opportunities for Europe to unlock and catalyze investment in Ukraine’s defense sector through the European Investment Bank.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

The transatlantic alliance has passed a remarkable milestone after years of most members not spending enough on defense. But what if more is needed?


The closely watched elections on July 28 will determine whether incumbent President Nicolás Maduro wins a third term or allows a democratic transition.


Every sign suggests that Venezuela's presidential election on July 28 will be stolen. Will the Biden administration then acknowledge that its policy toward Venezuela has failed--and change it?



International Law

The high court’s decision could allow future U.S. presidents to commit grave abuses of power with impunity, with serious implications for U.S. foreign policy and national security.


United States

Election 2024

Election 2024

The Ohio senator is Donald Trump’s choice as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

United States

Modern vice presidents can trace much of their political influence to the broad reforms that Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale made to the second-highest elected office in the late 1970s.

United States

Foreign policy issues regularly come to the fore at the national political conventions, especially during periods of global instability. Sometimes the events are marked by bitter disagreements within the parties.
CFR presents a wealth of resources to help understand what’s at stake for foreign policy in the U.S. presidential race.


United States

Panelists discuss the Silicon Valley’s role in the future of war and whether or not the Pentagon is successfully innovating rapidly enough to keep up with the technological changes facing the military.  Copies of Unit X: How the Pentagon and Silicon Valley Are Transforming the Future of War will be available for purchase.


Jay Shambaugh discusses U.S.-China macroeconomic engagement and dialogue with Chinese leadership on overcapacity and economic imbalances.The C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics brings the world's foremost economic policymakers and scholars to address members on current topics in international economics and U.S. monetary policy. This meeting series is presented by RealEcon: Reimagining American Economic Leadership, a CFR initiative of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies. This meeting is also part of CFR’s China Strategy Initiative.For those attending virtually, log-in information and instructions on how to participate during the question and answer portion will be provided the evening before the event to those who register. Please note the audio, video, and transcript of this meeting will be posted on the CFR website.

United Kingdom

CFR experts discuss the results of presidential elections in France and the United Kingdom, as well as what to expect from the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington, DC.


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece discusses the nation's strategic defense efforts and opportunities for security cooperation in the Mediterranean.  


Europe’s Migration Dilemma
Hundreds of thousands of migrants made the dangerous journey to Europe in 2023, fleeing war, poverty, and natural disasters. The increase in arrivals has fueled support for far-right political parties.

Featured Publications


Robert D. Blackwill and Richard Fontaine evaluate the limitations of the Pivot to Asia and offer a compelling vision for the future of U.S. foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific.

Middle East and North Africa

A clear-headed vision for the United States' role in the Middle East that highlights the changing nature of U.S. national interests and the challenges of grand strategizing at a time of profound change in the international order.


Paul J. Angelo provides the first headlining case studies of Plan Colombia and the Mérida Initiative.