Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Program

About the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Program

About the Program

The Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy (CSMD) program seeks to better the understanding of the economic, political, and social dynamics shaping the twenty-first century. By examining how rule of law is implemented and enforced, how global supply chains affect politics and societies, and how technological innovations drive civil society mobilization, CSMD seeks to foster more open, prosperous, and stable societies.

CSMD’s rule of law work analyzes efforts to combat corruption and to increase transparency and accountability through judicial, law enforcement, and bureaucratic reforms, drawing out best practices to better inform current and future anticorruption efforts.

CSMD’s work on supply chains explores the profound shifts taking place in these complex networks that underpin global commerce, considering their ramifications for governments, countries, companies, and people. CSMD looks at the relationship between political openness and inclusive growth, sustainable development, democratic stability, and security. It also analyzes the political and social consequences of the changes in sourcing, investing, and the very nature of work.

CSMD’s work on technology and civil society analyzes the intersection of technology and foreign policy, and examines how innovations can shape everything from civil resistance movements to counterterrorism strategies.