Portrait of Richard HaassA Message from Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations is and has always been in the ideas business. It is critical that these ideas reflect the range of perspectives of our society. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a priority for CFR because only when we welcome different viewpoints can we challenge our thinking and create informed ideas. Our goal is not only to strengthen CFR with these ideas, but to better educate, inform, and inspire a new generation of Americans to take an interest in foreign policy, international economics, and national security. It means we strive to present expert voices as event speakers, presiders, and panelists who also reflect that diversity. When it comes to publications—both in print and online on CFR.org, Foreign Affairs, and others—we continue to be a place where international affairs professionals from a wide range of backgrounds can present thoughtful analysis, and where we incorporate broader perspectives to support a fuller understanding of the foreign policy issues at hand. We aim to ensure that access to our award-winning resources is equitable to reach the widest audiences possible. By including as many Americans from all walks of life in these efforts, we are contributing to a better-informed and more civic-minded citizenry.

As the above suggests, CFR is also in the people business. Among members, staff, and those who have yet to enter the foreign policy field, we continue to emphasize DEI. That means building a staff and membership who reflect the United States’ diversity, and supporting their development and growth. It also means building the talent pipeline and actively guiding and encouraging more people from diverse backgrounds at early stages of their academic careers to concentrate on foreign policy and international affairs so they will be a part of the next generation of scholars and practitioners specializing in this critical field.

We here at CFR remain focused and committed to continuously improving and accelerating our efforts to advance DEI in our work and our workplace. We look forward to moving closer to realizing our goal of expanding the foreign policy debate and the community of practitioners to both reflect the diversity of backgrounds and showcase the diversity of perspectives represented throughout American society.

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