History of CFR

“It happens very seldom indeed that novel and sensible ideas spring forth from the never-ending discourse about U.S. foreign policy. But without all the palaver, such ideas would rarely have a chance to breathe. Since 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations has been the privileged and preeminent nongovernmental impresario of America’s pageant to find its place in the world.” Learn more »

History of Foreign Affairs

“From the first, Foreign Affairs was a hands-on operation, no outside referees, the editors free to seek advice in any quarter (with an Editorial Advisory Board consulted individually to taste but rarely brought together in most editorships), but in the end totally responsible for all decisions on content. Directors of the Council, never exactly weak or without strong views, must frequently have been put off by the articles printed, but none has ever for a moment intervened...” Learn more »

The CFR Archives

Since 1921, CFR has archived materials relating to its organization, study groups, meetings, and special events. These materials include correspondence, reports, programs and project histories, pamphlets and brochures, and sound recordings. Learn more »