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March 15, 2013


Pope Francis: A Cautious Break With Tradition

Isobel Coleman

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not the bold choice many were hoping for in a new pope. His stances on birth control, gay marriage, and ordaining women indicate no ideological shifts from his conservative predecessor. Still, as the first person from the Americas and the first Jesuit to become Pope, he is in some ways an exciting choice. Because of his record of speaking out for the poorest of the poor, he could play an important role in a time of growing inequality. Read More on Democracy in Development »

The Iraq Invasion Ten Years Later: A Wrong War

Richard N. Haass

Ten years after the U.S. invasion, the war in Iraq represents a poor choice poorly implemented. The Iraq campaign, the current war in Afghanistan, and the Vietnam War, show the folly of overlooking local realities and trying to remake societies using large amounts of American military might. Read the Interview »

U.S. Immigration Policy

Timeline: U.S. Policy Since World War II

Immigration has been an important element of U.S. economic and cultural vitality since the country's founding. This interactive timeline outlines the evolution of U.S. immigration policy after World War II. View the Timeline »

A Primer on the Immigration Debate

Immigration policy has been a touchstone for political debate for decades, as policymakers weigh the need to attract top foreign talent against the need to curb illegal immigration and secure U.S. borders. Read the Backgrounder »

How to Enhance Border Enforcement

Edward Alden

For the past two decades, Congress has vastly increased the resources devoted to border enforcement. But it has failed to insist on any accountability to ensure the effectiveness of these expenditures. With the U.S. government facing tight budget restrictions, Congress should demand evaluations of cost effectiveness from the Department of Homeland Security. Read the Testimony »


Egypt: Ministry of Chaos

Steven A. Cook

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces have chosen not to sack the police generals who run the Ministry of the Interior, which is known for its brutality. Morsi's inaction does little to help Egypt in a time of calamity. Read More on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

Kenya's Future Is in the Hands of Two Courts

John Campbell

Kenya appears calm after its recent election, but might not stay that way. The election might be annulled by Kenya's Supreme Court and President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta is confronting charges of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. The coming weeks will test the durability of the country's governance institutions, which were established in its new constitution. Read More on Africa in Transition »

China's Failing Food Safety Regulations

Yanzhong Huang

The 6,000 pig carcasses that were retrieved from the Huangpu River are emblematic of China's fragmented and ineffective regulation of food safety. A recent decision to consolidate government bodies responsible for food safety is a positive sign, but the need for the rule of law and official accountability must also be addressed. Read More on Asia Unbound »


An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

This week's podcast discusses President Obama's visit to Israel, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's New Year's speech, the tenth anniversary of the start of Iraq War, and Chinese president Xi Jinping's trip to Russia. Listen to the Podcast »

Seal the Deal With Iran

Ray Takeyh

The Obama administration's sanctions have succeeded in segregating Iran from the global economy. To ensure continued progress, P5+1 talks should cement the progress that has been made and finally achieve a resilient arms control agreement. Read the Op-Ed »

Exiting from Monetary Stimulus: A Better Plan for the Fed

Benn Steil

In 2008, the Federal Reserve began purchasing mortgage backed securities (MBS) from the banking system to pump cash into the economy during the global economic meltdown. As the economy returns to normal strength, the Fed should sell its MBS portfolio to the Treasury Department in exchange for an equivalent amount of Treasury securities. Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »

A Budget Expert's View on Fiscal Reform

The political standoff preventing U.S. fiscal reform is shielding Americans from facing critical budget choices, especially on health care, says former Director of the Congressional Budget Office Robert Reischauer. Read More on Renewing America »

Why Cyprus Matters to the Eurozone

Robert Kahn

Though Cyprus only accounts for 0.2 percent of the eurozone economy, European leaders' response to its debt problems will provide indications about the future course of Europe's fiscal policy. Read More on Macro and Markets »

A Seamless North American Market

Robert A. Pastor

In its search for economic growth, Washington should look no further than Canada and Mexico and create a seamless market of North American countries, one in which it is as easy and cheap for a Chicago merchant to sell products in Monterrey as in San Francisco. The benefits to the United States, Canada, and Mexico could exceed $400 billion. Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »


March 17 - 18: P5+1 Talks on Iran’s Nuclear Program, Istanbul
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March 19: 10th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Iraq War
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CFR Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development Thomas Bollyky was among the 199 "Young Global Leaders" honored by the World Economic Forum.

New Book Chronicles the History of Guerrilla Warfare

In Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies Max Boot details the global history of guerrilla uprisings through the ages.


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