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March 22, 2013


Tracking the Iraq War

The tenth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has produced an outpouring of retrospectives. This editors' guide to CFR meetings during the war's ten-year history includes debate and analysis from experts, including Richard Perle, Gareth Evans, Ahmad Chalabi, Richard Haass, Chris Hill, and Hoshyar Zebari. Read more »

Cyprus: What's Next?

Robert Kahn

With the European Central Bank now threatening to cut off liquidity to Cypriot banks if a bailout deal is not in place by Monday, the island nation is trying to come up with contingency plans aimed at saving its fragile financial system. Read More on Macro and Markets »


Obama’s Stirring Jerusalem Call for Middle East Peace

Robert M. Danin

For American leaders to be successful in their quest for Middle East peace, they must explain publicly and directly to deeply scarred and pessimistic Israelis and Palestinians why the U.S. believes peace is necessary and possible. President Obama did just that in his speech at Jerusalem's Convention Center. Obama aimed not to advance a specific set of policy proposals as much as to establish a new foundation for U.S. engagement with Israel for the remainder of his presidency. A sustained U.S. effort to engage publicly in a dialogue with the peoples of the region about the need and possibilities for peace is now required. Read More on Middle East Matters »

Why Peace Process Expectations Are Rightfully Low

Steven A. Cook

The president's trip did not take place at a favorable moment for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As long as the Palestinians require more than a token presence in Jerusalem, and Israelis continue to expand settlements, there is little room to negotiate. Read More on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

How Israel's Warlords Rule

Aluf Benn

The Israeli military is a political force that the United States can use to its advantage. The best way for Washington to moderate Israeli policies is to engage Israel's military and intelligence leaders and leverage them as an effective peace lobby. Read More on »


Progress in the Debate Over Thailand's Monarchy

Joshua Kurlantzick

Over the past two weeks, an interview program on the Thai Public Broadcasting Service hosted a series of unprecedented, open debates on the future of Thailand's monarchy. Pressure from ultra-royalists led the channel to end the discussions and even shut down the interview program entirely. Is this a sign of greater openness about the monarchy in Thailand, or a sign that Thai elites are becoming even more unwilling to contemplate the future, and even harsher toward those who do so with an open mind? Read More on Asia Unbound »


An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

This week's podcast covers Pakistan's preparations for a government transition; the BRICS summit in South Africa; and the annual Arab League summit in Doha. Listen to the Podcast »

A Pakistani Strategic Shift?

Daniel S. Markey

There is evidence of a strategic shift by Pakistan that could lead to improved cooperation with the United States. Read the Testimony »

Mexico's Road To Economic Sanity

Shannon K. O'Neil

Mexican lawmakers are poised to take on a few of the country's biggest monopolies and moguls. But for Mexico to truly engage in economic competition, it needs to do much more, such as encouraging freer markets and following through with fiscal and energy reform.  Read the Op-Ed »

Youth, Change, and the Future of Saudi Arabia

Isobel Coleman

A new study of Saudi youth shows growing impatience with the status quo, as the growth of social media has fostered critical thinking. However, many young people are decidedly uninterested in politics and relatively content, and their political apathy is likely to persist as long as the state has the resources to provide a good life. If young Saudis see stable, prosperous, and more open societies emerging elsewhere in the Middle East, they will be more likely to push for change. Read More on Democracy in Development »

Why Easy Money Is Not Enough

Benn Steil and Dinah Walker

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi calmed market fears by promising to do "whatever it takes to preserve the euro." Nevertheless, the gap in real economic performance between the best and worst performers of the eurozone—particularly when it comes to unemployment—has continued to grow precipitously. Read More on Geo-Graphics »

A Growth Strategy for Greece

George Papandreou

The former prime minister believes strict austerity has stymied Greece's ability to implement growth-enhancing structural economic reforms. He calls for a loosening of austerity targets and the reengineering of the Greek economy. Read the Interview »


March 23: Mandate of the UN Support Mission in Afghanistan to Expire
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March 26 - 27: Fifth BRICS Summit, South Africa
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March 26 - 28: Arab League Summit, Doha
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At CFR's Washington office, Senator Carl Levin discussed the progress being made by the United States in Afghanistan, the decision not to intervene in Syria, and the importance of closing loopholes in the tax code. Watch the Discussion

CFR and Conservation International hosted the Hauser symposium, which brought together intelligence officials, development economists, defense experts, conservation biologists, and corporate executives to examine the connection between global resource scarcities and U.S. economic and national security concerns. Read More on the Internationalist

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