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April 5, 2013


Is a Pandemic Being Born?

Laurie Garrett

Concerns about a new pandemic are being triggered by the discovery of a new lethal strain of bird flu in China which has killed six people so far. The confirmation of human deaths comes two weeks after 16,000 dead pigs and 1,000 dead ducks were found floating in the river that supplies drinking water to Shanghai. Read the Op-Ed »

Enter the Dragon and the Elephant

Yanzhong Huang

The discovery of a lethal flu virus in Shanghai turns the global community's attention to health governance in China and India, which continue to fall short of international expectations. Read the Working Paper »

North Korea's Provocations

North Korea's Rhetorical Flurry

Scott A. Snyder

Despite Pyongyang's aggressive public posturing in recent days, the greatest threat from North Korea will likely be a surprise guerilla-style provocation. Read More on Asia Unbound »

The Next Korean War

Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press

The risk of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula is far from remote—and the United States should adjust its military planning accordingly.  Read More on »

China and North Korea: A Tense Relationship

China is North Korea's most important ally, but Pyongyang's continued provocations may worsen its relations with Beijing. Read the Backgrounder »


Should the United States Conduct Drone Strikes for Iraq?

Micah Zenko

With drone strikes already underway in Yemen and Pakistan, the United States should not expand these operations in Iraq. Read More on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Turkey’s Constitutional Controversy

Steven A. Cook

After more than a decade of prosperity, foreign policy successes, a growing middle class, and new government services, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AKP party have little incentive to negotiate with the opposition. Read More on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »


An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

This week's podcast discusses U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's visit to South Korea, Japan, and China; President Obama's budget submission to Congress; and the re-trial of ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Listen to the Podcast »

Beware of Friendly Fire in the Currency Wars

Benn Steil and Dinah Walker

Currency depreciation is likely to have a more adverse effect on inflation in the United Kingdom than in the United States, the eurozone, or Japan. The United Kingdom may shoot itself in the foot if it tries to engage in a currency war with other advanced economies. Read More on Geo-Graphics »

Syria's Jihadis

Elliott Abrams

A key concern for Israeli military officials is where will some 5,000 jihadis fighting in Syria go after the fall of Bashar al-Assad: will they stay in Syria, go west to Lebanon, go south to the Golan, or go east into Iraq? Perhaps the Israelis should consider another possible outcome: the jihadis could go to Europe to commit acts of violence and terror there. Why would hundreds of them possibly go to Europe? Because they came from Europe. Read the Op-Ed »

The Divide on Energy Spending

Michael Levi

The hostility toward government spending on clean energy innovations reveals how difficult it is to achieve pragmatic compromise. Read More on Energy, Security, and Climate »

Can Abenomics Save Japan's Economy?

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has focused his second term on implementing audacious economic policies designed to spur the country out of its decades-long deflation and sluggish growth. Read the Backgrounder »


April 7: Presidential Election, Montenegro
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