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April 2013

April 2013

New CFR Report on Global Health in China and India

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(Aly Song/Courtesy Reuters)


According to Yanzhong Huang, CFR senior fellow for global health, both China and India have been increasingly active participants in global health governance, but their contributions continue to fall short of international expectations. In this new CFR report, Huang examines China's and India's participation in a number of dimensions of global health governance, including health-related foreign assistance and the development and implementation of global health rules. For him, China and India cannot effectively lead international health reforms until both nations take a hard look at their own domestic health challenges.


Spotlight on Galen Guengerich

Galen Guengerich, known for his analysis of how religion influences politics, economics, and foreign policy, is senior minister of All Souls in Manhattan. Drawing upon his own journey "from Mennonite to Manhattan," his forthcoming book, God Revised: How Religion Must Evolve in a Scientific Age engages the ongoing battle between science and religion. Hailed as "a brilliant synopsis of a big idea," the book is "lucid, compelling, and accessible."

Alarm in Myanmar

Myanmar's emergence from military rule has resulted in some of the worst ethnic and religious violence in decades. Writing about the anti-Muslim violence in the region, CFR's Joshua Kurlantzick fears that a prolonged conflict will continue to engulf the Asian nation and disrupt its democratic transition. For Kurlantzick, "While Myanmar has made great strides in the past three years of reforms, without more proactive measures to halt ethnic and religious violence, the country could descend into chaos." Consult the Expert Brief »

Rise of the Lone Wolves—the New Faces of Jihad

In light of the recent events in Boston, CFR's Ed Husain argues that to counter the appeal of radicalism among Muslims in the West, the United States must engage in more, not less, debates on religion, immigration, and politics. For him, it is crucial we pause to realize that "our first line of defense against extremism is the 30 million peaceful, law-abiding Western Muslims in our midst." Read more »

Thatcher’s Legacy in Europe

Reflecting on the life and legacy of Margaret Thatcher, arguably Britain's most controversial prime minister, CFR's Charles A. Kupchan writes that the "Iron Lady" altered the course of post-war Europe. Kupchan analyzes the significance of Thatcher's push to liberalize the British economy and the relationship she forged with the United States during her reign. Remembering Margaret Thatcher »

A New Push for Mideast Peace

In light of President Obama's recent trip to Israel, in this CFR interview Middle East expert Martin S. Indyk speculates on the administration's commitment to brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and comments on Secretary of State John Kerry's role moving forward. Read the Interview »

What the Millennium Development Goals Have Accomplished

Since their inception in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have revolutionized the global aid business by employing specific targets to help guide development efforts, writes John W. McArthur, senior fellow at the Fung Global Institute and the UN Foundation. Yet, as their 2015 expiration looms, the time has come to acknowledge their successes and turn our focus to what comes next, says McArthur in this Foreign Affairs essay. Visit Foreign Affairs »