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April 2013

April 2013

New CFR Report Cards Highlight Areas for Improvement

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This new Global Governance Report Card draws from fifty expert assessments on international and U.S. efforts between 2008 and 2012 to address climate change, nuclear nonproliferation, transnational terrorism, armed conflict, global finance, and public health. CFR has identified entities that could improve their performance by assigning international institutions, states, and nonstate actors letter grades.

The United States struggled on climate change, but excelled on terrorism. View the report cards to see how the United States performed across the board.

CFR President's Insightful New Book on Restoring America

The biggest threat to America's security and prosperity comes not from abroad but from within, writes CFR President Richard N. Haass in this provocative and important new book.

In Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America's House in Order, Haass argues for a new foreign policy doctrine of Restoration. At home, the new doctrine would have the country concentrate on restoring the economic foundations of American power. Overseas, the United States would stop trying to remake the Middle East with military force, instead emphasizing maintaining the balance of power in Asia, promoting economic integration and energy self-sufficiency in North America, and working to promote collective responses to global challenges. This will require hard choices, but hard choices are called for. At stake is nothing less than America's future and the character of the coming era of history.

To read an excerpt or order the book, Click Here>>


Issue Guide: Boston Bombings and Terrorism

The deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon raise anew the need to address homeland security policy dilemmas. This CFR Issue Guide includes a variety of publications and resources that examine these issues. View the Guide »

Don't Blame Attacks on Immigration

Before the smoke had cleared from downtown Boston, numerous U.S. politicians and commentators had taken to the airwaves to blame the attacks on a broken U.S. immigration system. CFR's Edward Alden reflects on the tragedy and the rhetoric that ensued, and argues against closing our borders. Learn More »

The Future of U.S. Special Operations Forces

Linda Robinson, senior international policy analyst at RAND, offers a broad set of recommendations to improve the versatility and effectiveness of U.S. special operations forces as the Pentagon attempts to exert American power in an era of lower budgets and "battle fatigue." In this new Council Special Report, Robinson explains the reforms necessary for expanding the capabilities of U.S. special operations forces to better meet global challenges. Read the Report »