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Council on Foreign Relations This Month in Geoeconomics
From the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies

April 2013

Why Growth Matters

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Since gaining independence in 1947, India has experimented with economic policies aimed at alleviating poverty. Only after India embraced market liberalization in the 1990s did its poverty rate begin to recede in earnest, but with three hundred million Indians still below the poverty line, there is still much room for improvement. In their new book, Why Growth Matters: How Economic Growth in India Reduced Poverty and the Lessons for Other Developing Countries, CFR Senior Fellow Jagdish Bhagwati and Columbia University economist Arvind Panagariya argue that further liberalization is India's best hope for achieving the kind of accelerated, sustained economic growth needed to make significant progress in easing poverty. Read More »


Inventions and Innovations

Pushing Past the Prius Toward an All-Electric Car

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity, and the Battle for America's Future, CFR Senior Fellow Michael A. Levi writes at Bloomberg View that the road to a viable electric car has been long and winding. Read the Article »

How to Ensure New Drugs Are Affordable, Available, and Advanced

In an op-ed for the Atlantic, CFR Senior Fellow Thomas J. Bollyky argues that patients and patent holders would benefit if multinational drugmakers reduced the cost of developing new pharmaceuticals and licensed their patents to generic manufacturers in emerging countries. Read the Op-Ed »

Getting to Work

A Fine Start on Immigration Reform

CFR Senior Fellow Edward Alden writes in a post on the Renewing America blog that the immigration bill proposed by the bipartisan "gang of eight" is a serious, good-faith effort to reform the U.S. immigration system in ways that would serve the economy, strengthen the rule of law, and enhance security. Read the Blog Post »

Addressing the Long-Term Unemployment Challenge

In a post on the Macro and Markets blog, CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn uses charts to show that extended unemployment benefits may be decreasing the incentives to find a job, which in turn makes workers less likely to be hired because of the length of their unemployment. Read the Blog Post »

Budget Battles

Chained CPI's Diminishing Returns for U.S. Budget

CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter R. Orszag argues in his Bloomberg View column that switching to the chained consumer price index for calculating social security cost-of-living adjustments would neither slash the deficit nor gut the federal pogram. Read the Column »

Paying for Today While Saving for Tomorrow

In his Project Syndicate column, CFR Distinguished Visiting Fellow A. Michael Spence writes that President Obama's proposed budget is the first post-crisis budget to address the trade-offs between short- and long-term growth in a politically courageous and honest way. Read the Column »

Draghi's Dilemma

In a post on the Geo-Graphics blog, CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil and CFR Analyst Dinah Walker show that the European Central Bank is pulling on broken monetary levers as it tries to set interest rates that will aid the South without antagonizing the North. Read the Blog Post »



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