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Council on Foreign Relations This Month in Geoeconomics
From the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies

May 2013

The Power Surge

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As partisans battle over the future of the U.S. energy industry, economic and technological forces are reshaping how clean energy and traditional fuels are produced. In his new book The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity, and the Battle for America's Future, CFR Senior Fellow Michael A. Levi offers an intricate portrayal of this rapidly evolving American energy landscape—one defined by surging oil and gas production, a thriving renewable energy industry, and falling oil consumption—and illuminates the consequences of these changes for the economy, national security, and the environment. Read More »


Enter China

The World Needs a Sino-American Decade

CFR Distinguished Visiting Fellow A. Michael Spence writes in his Project Syndicate column that the next ten years will be a critical period for cooperation between the United States and China on issues surrounding the environment, trade, investment, and financial stability. Read the Column »

Can China's Bond Market Support a Global Renminbi?

In a post on the Geo-Graphics blog, CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil and CFR Analyst Dinah Walker show that the rapidly deepening market for Chinese government debt calls into question conventional wisdom about the renminbi's limited prospects for quickly advancing to major reserve currency status. Read the Blog Post »

Gauging the Renminbi's Impact on the International Monetary System

In 2011, experts from the United States and China met at a joint CFR-China Development Research Foundation symposium to discuss the risks and rewards awaiting the international monetary system as the renminbi continues its march toward internationalization. Read the U.S. Delegation's Papers »

Work Woes

As Job Flow Slows, Americans Get Stuck in Place

CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter R. Orszag observes in his column for Bloomberg View that Americans report feeling like they switch jobs and move to new states more often now than in the past, but data show that the rates of job changes and interstate migration have actually declined. Read the Column »

Declining U.S. Labor Participation Rate Complicates Fed's Job

In a post on the Macro and Markets blog, CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn writes that the Fed will have to weigh whether the unexpected drop in the U.S. labor participation rate suggests more slack in the economy than the improving unemployment rate indicates. Read the Blog Post »

Searching for Stability

Would a New Bretton Woods Save the Global Economy?

Benn Steil's op-ed for Paul Solman's PBS The Business Desk site looks critically at calls for "a new Bretton Woods." He argues that many of the precepts behind the 1944 Bretton Woods blueprint were overturned by the Truman administration a mere three years later, and that the operation of the Bretton Woods monetary system was far briefer and more troubled than is typically recognized. Read the Op-Ed »

What Austerity Has Taught Us About Recoveries

A. Michael Spence argues in his Project Syndicate column that, although research suggests high debt levels have a negative effect on long-term growth, experience suggests countries cannot restore stable growth through austerity measures alone. Read the Column »

End the Corporate Tax to End Corporate Tax Avoidance

In a post on the Renewing America blog, CFR Senior Fellow Edward Alden argues that the tiny tax bills of Apple and a slew of other multinational corporations should prompt U.S. lawmakers to rethink how corporate profits are taxed in the era of globalization. Read the Blog Post »



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