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Council on Foreign Relations Religion and Foreign Policy Bulletin
June 2013


Rob Jones FPRI

June 2013

Ending Child Marriage

Ending child marriage is not only a moral imperative—it is a strategic imperative that will further critical U.S. foreign policy interests in development, prosperity, stability, and the rule of law.


Supporting Erdogan Helps Democracy

Ed Husain advises the United States to support the Turkish government in response to recent protests in Istanbul. Read more »

The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention

Global support for the "responsibility to protect" doctrine weakened after the UN-endorsed no-fly zone that helped topple Libya's regime, and debate continues over the threshold for mounting armed humanitarian interventions, explains this Backgrounder. Read more »

A Man of the System Could Affect It

Ray Takeyh

Read more »

Secularism and Diversity in Sudan