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June 14, 2013

The World This Week

The Washington Intervention War

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

The decision to provide lethal aid in Syria will be shaped not by the appointments of Susan Rice and Samantha Powers, but by President Obama. It will hinge on the costs of providing minimal aid and generating limited results, or of conducting a stronger intervention that deepens U.S. involvement. Read the Op-Ed »

Syria's Collapse

Andrew Tabler

To stop Syria's meltdown and contain its mushrooming threats, the United States needs a new approach that starts with a partial military intervention aimed at pushing all sides to the negotiating table. The only way Washington can help resolve the crisis is by working with the domestic opposition within Syria. Read More on »

Stay Calm and Let the NSA Carry On

Max Boot

The NSA's intelligence-gathering programs should not be regarded as scandalous, but rather as a useful counterterrorism tool that has contributed to the prevention of an estimated fifty terrorist plots since 2001. Read the Op-Ed »

Iran's Presidential Elections

A Primer on the Elections

Are Iran's presidential elections too tightly controlled, or do they offer an opportunity for reformist voices to emerge? This Issue Guide traces the campaign and offers essential background. Read the Issue Guide »

Crisis Guide: Iran

Iran poses steep challenges to its Middle East neighbors and the world. Explore Iran's complex political structure and controversial nuclear program, and watch experts discuss policy options. View the Interactive »

Human Rights in Iran

Global monitors say Iran's human rights situation is poor and unlikely to improve amid a climate of political uncertainty and growing external pressures. Activists, though, urge continued international scrutiny of Iran's violations. Read the Backgrounder »

How to Read the Elections

Ray Takeyh

A conservative candidate seems likely to win Iran's presidential election this week, but the reform movement may yet be energized by the remaining moderate contender. Read the Interview »

Why We May Miss Ahmadinejad

Reza Aslan

With Ayatollah Khamenei set to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a "fawning admirer" of his choosing, Ahmadinejad may end up being missed for his ability to challenge the Islamic Republic's ruling religious hierarchy. Read the Op-Ed »


U.S. Domestic Surveillance

Both the Bush and Obama administrations have sought to justify controversial domestic surveillance programs amid pointed criticism from Congress and civil rights activists. Read the Backgrounder »

How Europe Can Save Turkey

Steven A. Cook

Turkey's move toward democratization, largely fueled by its pursuit of admission into the European Union, has been slowed since relations between the parties soured. If Turkey is to resume its course, a renewal of relations between the European Council and Ankara could be a good starting point. Read the Op-Ed »

Obama and Xi's Good-Enough Summit

Elizabeth C. Economy

Although Presidents Obama and President Xi's discussions on North Korea and climate change were encouraging, a successful partnership in addressing cyber espionage and conflicts in the East and South China Sea is necessary before the two countries can forge what Xi calls a "new model on major country relationships." Read More on Asia Unbound »

The World Ahead

An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

In this week's podcast, Lindsay and McMahon discuss the presidential elections in Iran, the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, and President Obama's trip to Berlin. Listen to the Podcast »

What to Expect at Putin-Obama Meeting

Stephen Sestanovich

When President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin meet in Northern Ireland, they will work not only to set a new tone for their relationship, but also to address the Syrian crisis and efforts to advance bilateral arms issues. Read the Interview »

The G8's Role in Global Governance

Stewart M. Patrick

The G8 retains an important role in a rapidly changing world, and the upcoming summit's limited agenda on tax, trade, and transparency plays to the organization's strengths. Read more on The Internationalist »

The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention

Syria's widening civil war and the growing toll on civilians have raised new debate about the international community's responsibility to mount a humanitarian intervention by outside forces. Any such efforts, though, seem overshadowed by the Libya experience. Read the Backgrounder »

Is Democratic Transition on Trial in Egypt?

Terra Lawson-Remer

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi's conviction and sentencing of more than three dozen members of civil society organizations is a blow to both citizen engagement and the sustainability of freedom and democracy in Egypt over the long term. Read More on the Development Channel »

The United Kingdom's One-Stop Welfare Shop

A new United Kingdom welfare program that consolidates multiple social programs into a "universal credit" is being touted as the most significant reform since the 1940s, but many detractors are concerned about the program's practicality. Read More on Renewing America »

Ask CFR Experts: Question of the Week

Murphy Burke asks how the recent shift in U.S. drone policy affects signature strikes? "There is no evidence that signature strikes will be reduced or ended based upon anything the Obama administration has recently stated," says CFR's Micah Zenko. Read the Full Answer and Submit Your Question

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