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June 28, 2013


Obama's Overdue Trip to Africa

John Campbell

In his second trip to Africa as president, Barack Obama is visiting Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania in hopes of reinforcing trade and political ties. Read the Expert Brief »

America Can Take a Breather. And It Should.

Richard N. Haass

The United States faces an unprecedented respite in the foreign policy arena and should work to prolong it. Overseas, the United States should focus where its interests are greatest, but domestically, should restore the foundations of American power. Read the Op-Ed »


Obama's Climate Change Plan

Michael A. Levi

President Obama's speech on climate change signals policy changes in important areas that include revamping the approach to the Major Economies Forum, improving the Clean Air Act, reinforcing the Renewable Fuel Standard, refocusing on U.S. forests, and changing support for coal power plant exports.  Read More on Energy, Security, and Climate »

A Primer on Climate Change

Stewart M. Patrick

Climate change is one of the most challenging problems the international community faces. This interactive guide explore its causes, effects, and various policy options. View the Global Governance Monitor »

Addressing Cyber Threats to Oil and Gas Suppliers

Blake Clayton and Adam Segal

Several of the world's major oil and gas producers have fallen victim to cyberattacks since 2009, revealing a growing and sophisticated problem for U.S. national security and economic competitiveness. The costs of future breaches could be much higher, whether to corporate assets, public infrastructure and safety, or the broader economy through energy prices. Read the Energy Brief »


Extraditing Edward Snowden

Stephen Vladeck

Whether NSA leaker Edward Snowden is extradited to the United States will hinge more on diplomatic and foreign policy considerations than on international legal procedures. Read the Interview »

Obama's "Alice in Wonderland" Syria Strategy

Micah Zenko

Rather than stating a strategic objective for Syria and developing a political-military campaign plan that could achieve it, the Obama administration's strategy is focused primarily on keeping the effort level down. Read the Op-Ed »

The Necessary Concessions for Peace Talks

Elliott Abrams

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposed concessions mean little if Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas is unwilling to negotiate. U.S. secretary of state John Kerry should encourage Palestinian leaders to stop glorifying violence toward Israelis and demonstrate their commitment to the peace process. Read More on Pressure Points »


The World Next Week: Summer Reading Special

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

In this special edition, Lindsay and McMahon discuss the books they will be reading in the weeks ahead. Listen for recommendations and reviews on books recently published by the Council on Foreign Relations. Listen to the Podcast »

China Falling? Not So Fast

Joshua Kurlantzick

The Chinese economy, the second-largest on earth, is not going to melt down soon; in fact, it might grow more strongly this year than most others in the world. Read the Op-Ed »

Venezuela's Economy and Future

Shannon K. O'Neil

Mounting concerns over the Venezuelan government's excessive use of oil exports to bankroll social programs, its unsustainable debt, and extreme inflation are leaving the country vulnerable to crisis. Read More on Latin America's Moment »

The Diplomatic Push for Afghan Peace

Amin Tarzi

The Taliban believes it will have the upper hand in any talks with the Afghan and U.S. governments, but the group's goals remain unclear.  Read the Interview »

Qatar's Foreign Policy Adventurism

David Roberts

Washington's security guarantees give Qatar the clearance required to perpetuate its dramatic and interventionist regional foreign policy. Read More on »

Currency Wars? Not So Much

Benn Steil and Dinah Walker

The "law of one price" holds that identical goods should trade for the same price in an efficient market. A new index in the latest Geo-Graphic shows no major violations of this law in the global market for iPad minis, a sign that the world's currencies are closer to their fair values than many pundits suggest. Read More on Geo-Graphics »

Ask CFR Experts: Question of the Week

Vikas from American University asks whether India should collaborate with NATO to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean. According to CFR's Robert D. Blackwill, "Multilateral action in the realm of maritime security can reap benefits for both India and the United States and its allies." Read the Full Answer and Submit Your Question


July 1: United States to Take Over Presidency of UN Security Council
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July 1: Croatia to Join the European Union
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July 1: UN to Extend Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan
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At CFR's Washington office, Steven A. Cook, Ömer Taşpinar, and F. Stephen Larrabee discussed the recent unrest in Turkey and the implications for its neighbors and U.S. policy. Watch the Discussion

At CFR's New York headquarters, Andrei Shleifer, Julia Loffe, and Thomas Graham discussed Russia, one feature of the U.S. presidential inbox series examining the major issues confronting the administration in the foreign policy arena. Watch the Discussion

In the New Issue of Foreign Affairs

In the cover story Daniel Byman urges President Obama to establish clear guidelines for how drones should be used but maintains that drones allow the United States to limit the scope of its military commitments as it continues to protect the country. Audrey Kurth Cronin argues that drone strikes must be legally justified, transparent, and rare, because the program's secrecy gives critics the leeway to allege that the strikes are deadlier and less discriminating than they really are. Read the Issue


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