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July 19, 2013


Reconnecting Ties Between Gaza and the West Bank

Robert M. Danin

As U.S. secretary of state John Kerry continues to focus on the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, the United States should help reconnect Gaza and the West Bank while continuing to refuse direct talks with Hamas.  Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »

Napolitano Stumbled on Immigration

Edward Alden

President Obama's choice for the next Homeland Security secretary Napolitano should be someone who can restore credibility with the undecided Republicans who will make or break the immigration reform effort—and finish the job Napolitano left undone. Read the Op-Ed »

The Future of U.S. Surveillance

NSA Revelations an Opportunity for United States and Brazil

Julia E. Sweig

Although revelations of NSA spying provoked an angry reaction last week in Brazil, the United States and Brazil should treat the crisis as an opportunity. Read the Op-Ed »

Will Snowden Come Between United States and Latin America?

Christopher Sabatini

Recent revelations about U.S. surveillance activities in Latin America have provoked a range of negative responses from regional leaders, but the practical consequences will be marginal. Read the Interview »

The Ongoing Domestic Debate

Both the Bush and Obama administrations have sought to justify controversial domestic surveillance programs amid pointed criticism from Congress and civil rights activists. Read the Backgrounder »


Is Egypt the New Algeria?

Steven A. Cook

The Egyptian military's intervention and crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood leaves open the potential for radicalized politics, but unlike Algeria in the 1990s, Egypt is more likely to try to manage Islamist extremists than eradicate them. Read More on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

A New Drone Deal For Pakistan

Daniel Markey

Given that Pakistan's new prime minister has made clear that he won't tacitly support U.S.counterterrorism operations, the Obama administration must find ways to cooperate with Islamabad on drone strikes without diminishing their effectiveness. Read More on »


An Audio Preview of the World Ahead

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

In this week's podcast, Lindsay and McMahon discuss India and China's talks on Depsang border security; Vietnamese president Truong Tan Sang's visit to Washington, DC; and Pope Francis's upcoming visit to Brazil. Listen to the Podcast »

China's Anticorruption Campaign: A Broken Record

Elizabeth C. Economy

The top-down anticorruption measures follow previously unsuccessful models and will likely produce high-profile arrests of government officials, but will not address the roots of corruption. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Filling the Gender Gap

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

A proposal by the International Finance Corporation may facilitate women's access to the skills and capital necessary for entrepreneurship by using private equity funds to invest in women-owned businesses globally. Read More on the Development Channel »

Will Cambodia's Elections Matter?

Joshua Kurlantzick

Although opposition leader Sam Rainsy has wide appeal with younger Cambodian voters, Prime Minister Hun Sen's political gamesmanship, grassroots organization in villages, and successful management of the economy would leave Rainsy at a disadvantage even if the elections were free and fair. Read More on Asia Unbound »

Energy, Industry, and the Countryside

Michael A. Levi

Will fracking result in the industrialization of the countryside? Not necessarily: shale gas and tight oil development can be done safely, given right practices and right rules in place. To that end, policymakers must strike a balance between energy producers and rural communities affected by development. Read More on Energy, Security, and Climate Change »

Ask CFR Experts: Question of the Week

Lily Nellans whether an Israeli attack on Iran would help or hurt the Ayatollah politically. An attack on Iran, especially by Israel, would be the glue the Ayatollah needs to keep his country together and under his control, says CFR's Reza Aslan. Read the Full Answer and Submit Your Question


July 24 - 26: Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang to Visit Washington, DC
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This week, CFR senior fellow Elliott Abrams testified before the House Armed Services Committee on the conflict in Syria and its implications for U.S. national security. Read the Testimony

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