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October 2013

CFR Launches New Multimedia Resource: "InfoGuides"

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"InfoGuides," CFR's newest interactive resource, use video and visual aids to explain complex foreign policy topics in a clear, accessible manner. The first in the series, "China's Maritime Disputes," presents an overview of the tensions between China and its neighbors over territorial claims in the South and East China Seas. The InfoGuide features policy options for preventing or managing a conflict, a timeline to provide historical context, and infographics that illustrate the significance of these disputes for the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. A special section for educators includes discussion and essay questions as well as in-class activities and assignments that help students think critically about the causes and ramifications of the disputes. Explore the InfoGuide>>


CFR's Daniel Markey on Managing the United States-Pakistan Relationship

In his new book, No Exit From Pakistan, CFR's Daniel Markey calls on the United States to aim for the best, prepare for the worst, and avoid past mistakes in its strategic approach to Pakistan. Dr. Markey explores the main trends in Pakistani society; reviews the recent history of U.S.-Pakistan relations; analyzes how regional dynamics, particularly the rise of China, will shape the relationship between the two nations; and provides recommendations for U.S. policy options. Add this book to your syllabus to provide students with an in-depth case study of an important U.S. foreign policy challenge. Order the Book »

CFR Experts Discuss the Chinese Dream

Allow students to experience CFR's Fourth Annual Back-to-School Event virtually. Assign this video of CFR's Elizabeth C. Economy and Adam Segal in a lively discussion with Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose on China's domestic politics and foreign policy. Encourage students to come to class prepared to share their thoughts on the panelists' analysis. The event video also presents an overview of "China's Maritime Disputes" and CFR's new Students homepage—a student's first stop on Watch the Video »

In the Classroom: James Mitchell

James Mitchell, professor of political science at California State University-Northridge (CSUN) and instructor at Soka University of America (SUA), is using the Council Special Report Managing Illegal Immigration to the United States in his courses in American government. Dr. Mitchell finds that this resource resonates for both universities. CSUN is a Title V Hispanic Serving Institution while SUA has a student body that is 40 percent international. Dr. Mitchell says that both schools are keenly interested in concerns raised by the publication regarding the U.S. government reporting of immigration enforcement policy outputs and outcomes.


The Importance of Ending Child Marriage

In this Council Special Report, CFR's Rachel B. Vogelstein argues that ending child marriage is more than just a moral imperative for the United States—it is of strategic importance for its foreign policy interests. Add this report to your syllabus and ask students to write a policy memo on concrete actions for addressing this global concern. Download the Report »

Helping Girls Become Students, Not Brides

Assign students this op-ed by CFR's Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on the role of education in reducing child marriage, and ask them to write a follow-up op-ed expanding on the benefits of girls' education. Read the Op-ed »

Women's Rights in India

Share this Backgrounder with students to help them think critically about the structural factors that contribute to high rates of child marriage in India and the best ways to promote change. Read more »


The Costs and Consequences of the Debt Ceiling

This primer explains what the debt limit is and why it is important, and helps students better understand the recent debate over raising the U.S. debt ceiling and the sixteen-day government shutdown. Read the Backgrounder »

Debts and Deficits

This Backgrounder provides context for the debt ceiling conversation through an overview of historical trends in U.S. debt and possible deficit reduction approaches. Access the Backgrounder »

Live Webcast of Special CFR-UNAI Event

On Friday, November 1, from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m., CFR and the United Nations Academic Impact will host a special talk with CFR's Laurie Garrett titled "Biology's Brave New World: Looking Towards Threats to Global Health." Watch this event live at


The links below allow you special access to subscriber-only articles from Foreign Affairs

"Why Convergence Breeds Conflict" and "China's Real and Present Danger"

In "Why Convergence Breeds Conflict," Mark Leonard, cofounder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, argues that increased similarities and shared interests between the United States and China will make them more prone to conflict. In "China's Real and Present Danger," Avery Goldstein, professor of global politics and international relations at the University of Pennsylvania, writes on the potential for a military escalation between the two countries. Assign students these essays and ask them to write a paper predicting the most likely course for U.S.-China relations in the next decade.



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