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November 2013

CFR Experts Discuss Global Concerns at the UN

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November 1, 2013: Laurie Garrett at the UN for the first "CFR@UNAI" talk


"CFR@UNAI" is a new talk series sponsored by CFR and the United Nations Academic Impact designed to share policy recommendations from CFR fellows with implementers at the UN. In the first of the series, "Biology's Brave New World: Looking Toward Threats to Global Health," CFR Senior Fellow Laurie Garrett and World Health Organization Executive Director Jacob Kumaresan discussed the implications of dual-use research and synthetic biology. Assign students the video and ask them to come to class prepared to share their thoughts on the international regulation of scientific advances. Watch the Talk >>


Ideas For Your Syllabi

Teaching Modules for CFR books, reports, and interactives include notes authored by CFR experts with discussion questions, essay questions, and activity ideas, as well as links to related CFR resources. These tools help educators plan lessons and design assignments that promote students' critical thinking. New modules are now available for the updated edition of Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink; Foreign Policy Begins at Home; Two Nations Indivisible; The Battle of Bretton Woods; and InfoGuide: China's Maritime Disputes. Search seventy packages by region or issue, and download the notes free of charge. View the Teaching Modules »

Follow Education Issues on CFR's Renewing America Blog

CFR fellows analyze the connections between a strong education system and a strong economy as part of the Renewing America initiative, which examines ways to revitalize the United States' strength and influence. Recent posts address the link between student loans and U.S. prosperity; the challenges of retaining foreign students after graduation from U.S. universities; and lessons learned from international best practices in education. Add this blog to your syllabus to provide students with fresh content on concerns that are relevant to their lives. Visit the Blog »

In the Classroom: Dan Caldwell

Dan Caldwell, distinguished professor of political science at Pepperdine University, draws upon CFR resources when developing role-play activities for his class on "International Security." To help students prepare for a simulated United Nations session on global security issues, Dr. Caldwell assigns the CFR Independent Task Force Reports on cybersecurity and climate change and CFR Senior Fellow Laurie Garrett's report on HIV and national security. His students write papers in which they identify the greatest threat to the international community, and then present on how to address this threat. Dr. Caldwell's students feel that CFR background and analysis opens their eyes to the connections between the international challenges and the ways they play out in the real world.


Why The United States and Iran Should Pursue Final-Status Negotiations

CFR President Richard N. Haass explains the problems with interim agreements and proposes an alternative for nuclear talks with Iran. Share this op-ed with students and lead a class discussion on the best approach for the United States and its allies to achieve a successful agreement. Read the Op-ed »

A Nuclear Deal in Sight

In this interview, the Atlantic Council's Barbara Slavin tells CFR's Bernard Gwertzman why an agreement to limit Iran's nuclear program is within reach. Discuss with students whether they agree with her assessment of the potential for successful talks in Geneva. Read the Interview »

Evaluating the Success of Sanctions on Iran

This Backgrounder, with links to outside sources, provides a clear overview of the debate on the efficacy of sanctions in deterring Iran's pursuit of a nuclear program. Explore the Backgrounder »


A Multimedia Look at Climate Change

Direct students to this interactive for essential background and analysis of the sources and impacts of climate change, as well as options for addressing this global challenge. Access the Crisis Guide »

Primary Source on Preparing the United States for Climate Change

Share with students President Obama's November 1 executive order, which establishes the Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, and ask them to evaluate the potential for implementation. Read the Order »


The links below allow you special access to subscriber-only articles from Foreign Affairs.

"Biology's Brave New World" and "Keeping Science in the Right Hands"

In "Biology's Brave New World," CFR Senior Fellow for Global Health Laurie Garrett discusses significant developments in synthetic biology and the challenges they pose for biosecurity. In "Keeping Science in the Right Hands," Ronald K. Noble, secretary general for Interpol, calls for a global policing strategy for synthetic biology to prevent threats without hindering scientific advances. Assign these two essays in preparation for a role-play activity in which students simulate a World Health Organization meeting.



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