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January 2014

January 2014

CFR Launches Interactive Guide on Child Marriage

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(Mohammed Salem/Courtesy Reuters)


This new CFR Infoguide explores the moral and strategic imperatives to ending child marriage, including the impact the practice has on the stability and economic development of a country. This is the second in a series of interactives that aim to raise understanding of a complex foreign policy issue through online teaching and storytelling tools. CFR's Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative highlighted this issue at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in November. To better understand the correlation between child marriage and religion, read the blog post by CFR Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy Rachel Vogelstein.

Spotlight on Religious Scholar Simran Jeet Singh

Scholar and social activist Simran Jeet Singh, an active participant in CFR's Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative for the past three years, is passionate about rectifying the way our country tracks and responds to religious-based hate crimes. An advocate for the Sikh community, Mr. Singh is senior religion fellow for The Sikh Coalition, and a doctoral candidate in Columbia University's department of religion, where his research focuses on religious communities in India and Pakistan.


Iraq’s High-Stakes Struggle

With its Shiite government struggling for survival and poised for a confrontation with Sunni extremists in Fallujah, Iraq faces deepening sectarian conflict partly fueled by spillover from Syria, says Jane Arraf, correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and Al-Jazeera. Read the CFR interview »

Remembering Ariel Sharon

According to Dr. Danin, Ariel Sharon "appreciated the country's basic security dilemma: while possessing a strong and highly motivated army, Israel is dwarfed in size and numbers by an inhospitable region."

Conflict in Africa

Visit CFR's "Africa in Transition" blog for up-to-date analysis of political and religious issues, including the crisis in South Sudan, violence in the Central African Republic, and corruption in Nigeria. To learn more, visit the blog »

CFR Must Read from the NYT: Germany Adds Islam to Public School Curricula

In this CFR Must Read, originally published by the New York Times, Allison Smale reports that in an effort to better integrate Germany's "large Muslim minority and counter the growing influence of radical religious thinking," a number of German "public schools are offering classes in Islam to primary school students using state-trained teachers and specially written textbooks." Read the article »