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February 21, 2014

The World This Week

Venezuela's Protests Escalate

Center for Preventive Action

Civil unrest in Venezuela could undermine important U.S. economic interests, as Venezuela is one of the five largest foreign oil suppliers to the United States and global oil markets would likely react negatively to the deterioration of U.S.-Venezuelan bilateral trade. Moreover, heightened authoritarianism could hinder U.S. efforts to promote democratic governance in South America and minimize Iranian and Cuban influence in the region. View the interactive »

Kiev demonstration

Protesters gather in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine. (Olga Yakimovich/Courtesy Reuters)

The Ukrainian Crisis

Deep Political and Cultural Splinters

Stephen Sestanovich

The crisis in Ukraine is emblematic of the division in Ukrainian identity which dates back to its independence. Read the interview »

A Guide to the Conflict

The latest eruption of violence in Ukraine has brought its protracted political unrest—rooted in a dispute over strengthening ties with the European Union—to its bloodiest phase yet. This roundup of expert analysis examines the conflict and consequences for regional stability. Read the Issue Guide »

Economic Challenges Remain

Robert Kahn

The deal reached in Ukraine would produce early elections, a return to the 2004 constitution, and a national unity government. It would also set the stage for an urgent Western effort to provide financing supported by an IMF program. Good political news, however, does not equate to good economic news. Read more on Macro and Markets »

Is Peace A Done Deal?

Annabelle Chapman

In a statement earlier today, Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych announced that he had reached a deal with the opposition to end the violence in Ukraine. Yet the events of the last few days show that it will likely take more than that to end the unrest in Kiev. Read more on »


Playing Small on Iran

Ray Takeyh

The only tolerable end to Iran's nuclear imbroglio is a negotiated settlement. In its negotiations with Iran, the United States must stop underestimating its power and overestimating its adversary's resilience. Read more »

Making the Case Against North Korea

Scott A. Snyder

Although North Korea has been condemned for crimes against humanity by a United Nations panel, China will veto the report's findings should they reach the Security Council. China wants to move forward on denuclearization, but it remains to be seen whether Beijing and Washington can find a way to jointly push forward. Read the interview »

Problems Persist at Fukushima

Laurie Garrett

As we approach the three-year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan, the Japanese government continues to struggle with developing a viable plan to dispose of its radioactive waste. Read the op-ed »

Pakistan-Taliban Talks: In Bad Faith

Daniel S. Markey

The talks between Pakistan's government and Taliban insurgents are a charade, and many Pakistani officials anticipate that the Taliban will show its true colors, leaving war as the only option.  Read the op-ed »

The World Ahead

An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

In this week's podcast, Lindsay and McMahon discuss the situation in Ukraine, the United States and South Korea's joint military exercises, and the end of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Listen to the podcast »

An Institution-Building Approach for Yemen

Charles E. Berger

The United States should fund the establishment of a permanent terrorist rehabilitation institution in Yemen, providing a critical counterterrorism partner with a strategic capability to counter al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »

The End of Big Oil Price Spikes?

Michael A. Levi

The belief that tight oil will make future oil shocks less severe because drillers can quickly drill and begin new production is flawed. For the sorts of oil price spikes we worry about most – those driven by sudden and intense geopolitical disruptions – the responsiveness of tight oil production is likely to do a lot less to blunt the consequences than many people seem to hope. Read more on Energy, Security, and Climate »

Kerry's Lecture on Climate Change

Joshua Kurlantzick

Although Secretary of State John Kerry was right to address climate change during his speech in Indonesia, it is unproductive to ask developing countries to shoulder the burden when the United States does not have a clear strategy for addressing global warming. Read more on Asia Unbound »

Lamido's Bombshell Suspension

John Campbell

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan's decision to suspend Lamido Sanusi, the country's well-respected central bank governor, has halted Nigeria's foreign exchange, bond, and money markets. Read more on Africa in Transition »

Ask CFR Experts

Edrees Mohammed asks whether Iraq could be divided into separate regions along Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish lines. CFR Senior Fellow Max Boot says that although the Kurdish region in the north is already almost an independent country, neither Shiites nor Sunnis are interested in splitting up the rest of Iraq. Read the full answer and submit your question »

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Inside CFR

In a media call, CFR Senior Fellow Stephen Sestanovich and Alexander J. Motyl, professor of political science at Rutgers University–Newark discussed the consequences of the protests in Ukraine for the country, the region, and the United States. Listen to the audio »

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