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March 28, 2014

The World This Week

The Emerging Arctic

Climate change, technological advances, and a growing demand for natural resources are driving a new era of development in the Arctic region. CFR has released a new interactive guide examining economic opportunities and environmental risks in the Arctic. View the InfoGuide »

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Crisis in Ukraine

New Foreign Affairs Ebook: Crisis in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine sets the stage for understanding the turmoil in eastern Europe, what is really at stake, and what will come next. The arguments presented span the ideological spectrum, and the authors include a range of leading experts, including Yulia Tymoshenko, Alexander Motyl, Orlando Figes, Kathryn Stoner, Daniel Treisman, Brian Taylor, Kathleen McNamara, and more. Find out more »

Hot Air About American Gas Will Not Scare Putin

Michael A. Levi

Observers are right to focus on Moscow's energy leverage, but they are prescribing the wrong response. Europe would be best served not by importing American gas, but rather by using the open economic model that has allowed the U.S. natural gas industry to thrive. Read the op-ed »

Ukraine and IMF: Step Forward Now

Robert Kahn

Markets should respond well to the IMF's announcement that it will offer financial support to Ukraine. The program is a useful anchor for expectations, and an important signal of support for Ukraine, but given the extraordinary political and economic uncertainty, it is a wish more than a forecast. Read more on Macro and Markets »

How President Putin Has Given a Boost to U.S.-EU Trade Talks

Edward Alden

With European fears of Russian retaliation growing, the United States needs to demonstrate the strength of its commitment to Europe. The events in Ukraine have served to make the current set of trade negotiations much more important and more likely to succeed. Read more on Renewing America »


What Remains on the U.S. Nuclear Security Agenda?

Stewart M. Patrick

The White House has successfully secured the world's nuclear weapons and fissile materials, but will need to continue U.S.-Russian bilateral disarmament, ratify a global ban on nuclear testing, and end the production of fissile material. Read more on The Internationalist »

Egypt’s Fateful Verdict

Ed Husain

The Egyptian government's widening crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood members, including a surge in death sentences, threatens to radicalize a new generation of Egyptians and spawn jihadist violence. Read the Expert Brief »

The World Ahead

An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Stewart M. Patrick

James M. Lindsay and Stewart M. Patrick discussed NATO's upcoming foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, the first European Union Chronic Diseases Summit, and progress in the dismantlement of Syria's chemical weapons. Listen to the podcast »

Why Abdullah Gül Will Disappoint the West

Steven A. Cook

Even though Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has resorted to increasingly authoritarian measures in recent months, President Abdullah Gül is unlikely to step in. Read more on »

India's General Election: Three Things to Know

Alyssa Ayres

More than eight hundred million people will vote in India's general election next month. The outcome and the country's parliament will largely be shaped by the coalitions formed, political strategies used by the parties, and the task of rectifying India's slowing economic growth. Watch the video »

Obama's Trip to Malaysia: Prickly and Tough

Joshua Kurlantzick

President Barack Obama's trip to Malaysia was originally intended to celebrate U.S.-Malaysia ties, but will be marred by the Malaysian government's handling of the search of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, the government's crackdown on dissent, and its opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Read more on Asia Unbound »

Obama as Facilitator in Chief

Sheila A. Smith

President Obama's facilitation of a meeting between Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean president Park Geun-hye was an important first step in reconciliation between the two countries. Read more on Asia Unbound »

Women's Rights Under Attack in Iraq

Isobel Coleman

The proposed Jaafari Personal Status law—which exerts religious controls over marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance—threatens to leave women's rights vulnerable. Read more on Democracy in Development »

World Events Calendar

April 1 - 2: NATO Foreign Ministers to Meet, Brussels
CFR Resources on: NATO »

April 6: Twentieth Anniversary of the Start of the Rwandan Genocide
CFR Resources on: Rwanda »

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Inside CFR

During the Hauser Symposium, CFR President Richard N. Haass and Lawrence Freedman of King's College London discussed the changing perceptions of strategic risk in the post–Cold War era with Walter Russell Mead of Bard College. Watch the event»

JPMorgan's Joyce Chang and Roubini Global Economics' Nouriel Roubini discussed global financial risk with CFR's Sebastian Mallaby. Watch the event»

At CFR's New York headquarters, Isobel Coleman and Stewart M. Patrick discussed the inherent risk of failing states and the economic consequences for the United States and global community with Scott Malcolmson of the International Crisis Group. Watch the event»

Defense in Depth

Senior Fellow Janine Davidson will track the big issues facing policymakers as they grapple with downshifting in Afghanistan, rebalancing to Asia, and maintaining a ready and capable force structure amid sustained fiscal pressures on her new Council on Foreign Relations blog, Defense in Depth.


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