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May 2, 2014

The World This Week

What Rouhani's Bad Bargain Means for Iran, and the West

Ray Takeyh

The Islamic Republic's political class knows its hold on power depends on sustained economic growth, which requires a resolution of the nuclear issue. But the men who rule Iran still want the leverage of nuclear power. Read more »

A Foreign Policy Flirting With Chaos

Richard N. Haass

The concept that should inform American foreign policy is one that the Obama administration proposed in its first term: the pivot or rebalancing toward Asia, with decreasing emphasis on the Middle East. Read more »

Egypt's War on Honest Language

Steven A. Cook

The mass death sentences against 683 Egyptians reveal how Cairo officials are redefining concepts like "terrorism" and "freedom" in a cynical bid to solidify their grip on power. Read more on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

Could MERS Go Global?

Laurie Garrett

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is at least three times more lethal than SARS and has killed a third of those infected, is surging in the Middle East, prompting questions about its pandemic potential. Read more »

The Sanctions Illusion

Fred Kaplan

The United States' latest round of sanctions against members of Russian president Vladimir Putin's inner circle will likely have only a marginal impact on Putin's behavior. Read more »

General Elections in Iraq

Historic Iraq Election Brings New Uncertainties

Ned Parker, Bernard Gwertzman

An array of internal challenges looms over Iraq's future following the country's first general election since the 2011 U.S. withdrawal. Read more »

Why Sectarianism Is Out

Reidar Visser

Sectarian tensions hang over Iraq, just as in elections past. But this year, there has been a twist: despite the population's deep divides, Iraqi politicians have refused to play by the old sectarian rules. Read more on »

The Iraq War in Context

This interactive timeline details events since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Read more »


Venezuela in Crisis

Economic grievances are a major undercurrent of Venezuela's ongoing protests, and analysts say the Maduro government's piecemeal approach to reform may not be enough to quell the unrest. Read the Backgrounder »

In Latin America, Lines Between Crime and War Begin to Blur

Janine Davidson

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's recent trip to Mexico and Guatemala, two countries plagued by drug violence, highlights the increasingly blurred line between military activities and law enforcement. Read more on Defense in Depth »

The World Ahead

An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

In this week's podcast, McMahon and Lindsay preview major events and trends shaping Europe. Listen to the podcast »

Preference for Sons Hurts Mothers

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

New research suggests that son preference could be doing more than skewing sex ratios in India: it may be partly responsible for high mortality rates among mothers whose first child is a girl. Read more on the Development Channel »

What to Watch in South Africa's Elections

John Campbell

On May 7, South Africans go to the polls in their country's first elections since the death of former president Nelson Mandela. The outcome may define South African politics over the next five years. Read more on Africa in Transition »

French Banks Play Russian Roulette

Benn Steil and Dinah Walker

In the fourth quarter of last year, with tensions rising between Russia and the West over Ukraine, banks in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Sweden aggressively dialed down their credit exposures in Russia. But French banks, which have by far the highest exposures to Russia, barely touched theirs. Read more on Geo-Graphics »

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Inside CFR

At CFR's Washington, DC office, Ryan Crocker, Charles W. Dunne, Paul Pillar, and Richard N. Haass discussed the situation in Syria. Watch the event »

Jessica Tuchman Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, discussed international security challenges at CFR's New York headquarters. Watch the event»

CFR's Stephen Sestanovich discussed his new book, Maximalist: America in the World from Truman to Obama at CFR's office in Washington, DC. Watch the event»

New Issue of Foreign Affairs

The May/June issue of the magazine is now online and on newsstands. It features a lead package on the shale revolution and the future of energy, debates on what the Ukraine crisis means for world order, and an exclusive article by the Iranian foreign minister outlining his country's foreign policy goals. Read more»


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