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June 27, 2014

The World This Week

New Hopes For U.S.-India Trade

Alyssa Ayres

Washington should seize the chance to reestablish a constructive economic dialogue with India's new government, including support for Indian membership in regional trade agreements. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

President Obama's Iraq Conundrum

In Iraq, Obama Has Two Terrible Choices

Meghan L. O'Sullivan

President Obama has just two very poor policy options in Iraq, and the longer he waits to decide, the more complicated things become. Read the op-ed »

Kurds: Running Before Walking

Steven A. Cook

The chaotic dissolution of Iraq creates an environment for an independent Kurdistan to emerge in Dohuk, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah provinces. Yet for all the confidence in Erbil, the Kurds have a host of significant problems that seriously complicate the establishment of an independent Kurdistan. Read more on From the Potomac to the Euphrates »

It's Not Our War

Fred Kaplan

Why do some persist in thinking that, through three cups of tea and a few well-aimed airstrikes, we can persuade sectarian chieftains to cede their vital interests to some greater good as defined by foreign powers? Read the op-ed »

The Man Who Broke the Middle East

Elliott Abrams

The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace. Today, terrorism has metastasized in Syria and Iraq, Jordan is at risk, the humanitarian toll is staggering, terrorist groups are growing fast, and relations with U.S. allies are strained. Read the op-ed »

A U.S. Playbook For Iraq and Syria

Leslie H. Gelb and Bernard Gwertzman

The United States should partner with Iran and Russia in countering Sunni jihadists, the top strategic threat in both Iraq and Syria at the moment. Read the interview »


Will Abe's Third Arrow Revive Japan?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a new package of structural reforms that complete his strategy for Japan's economic revival. This Backgrounder examines how Abenomics has fared. Read the Backgrounder »

What Really Happened in Congo

Stephen R. Weissman

Newly available evidence shows that the CIA engaged in pervasive political meddling and paramilitary action in Congo during the 1960s—and that the local CIA station chief directly influenced the events that led to the death of the country's first democratically elected prime minister. Read more on »

The World Ahead

The World Next Week: June 26, 2014

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

Lindsay and McMahon discuss the world powers and Iran meeting for nuclear talks; the centennial of Archduke Ferdinand's assassination; and Syria reaching its deadline for chemical weapons removal. Listen to the podcast »

Child Marriage in Fragile States

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Over the next ten years 142 million girls worldwide will marry before age eighteen. Rates of child marriage are especially high in fragile states vulnerable to conflict and/or natural disaster. Read the Working Paper »

How to Save Electronic Cigarettes

Thomas J. Bollyky

The popularity of e-cigarettes presents an enormous opportunity for public health that the United States is at risk of squandering by regulating these products as tobacco. Read the Expert Brief »

China, Not Piketty, Explains Trends in U.S. Asset Prices

Benn Steil and Dinah Walker

China's efforts to push down its currency—and not the "Pikettification" of the U.S. economy—explain the "confused signals" one analyst used to describe the upward trend in U.S. asset prices. Read more on Geo-Graphics »

China Has the Highest C-Section Rate in the World

Yanzhong Huang

Nearly half of all births in China are through C-section. To prevent a public health crisis, the government should launch a nationwide public health education campaign, train midwives, deepen healthcare delivery and payment reform, and abandon the notorious one-child policy. Read more on Asia Unbound »

World Events Calendar

June 30: President Obama to Meet with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
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July 1: Italy to Assume European Union Presidency
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July 2: High-Level Meeting on Iran's Nuclear Program, Vienna
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Inside CFR

CFR President Richard N. Haass received the 2013 Tipperary International Peace Award for his role in assisting the peace process in Northern Ireland. Read his speech »

Michael A. Levi has been named director of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies (CGS). Read more »

At CFR's Washington, DC, office, Singaporean prime minister Lee Hsien Loong discussed strategic challenges and opportunities in Asia, as well as trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Watch the video »

At CFR's New York headquarters, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis's James Bullard discussed monetary policy and income inequality. Watch the video »

New Issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine

The July/August issue of Foreign Affairs sheds light on four of the most controversial events of the Cold War—and America's true role in them: the 1953 overthrow of Mosaddeq, in Iran; the 1961 assassination of Lumumba, in Congo; the mass killings in East Pakistan in 1971; and the 1973 coup that toppled Allende, in Chile. Read more »


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