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July 11, 2014

The World This Week

Is Democracy at Risk in Indonesia?

Karen B. Brooks

At a time when political restructuring in the Middle East continues to challenge the notion that Islam and democracy can coexist, and when pluralism and tolerance are under attack around the world, Indonesians hope to rise above these provocations and cement the country's place as a vibrant Muslim-majority democracy. Read the Expert Brief »

Gaza Under Attack

Why Did Hamas Provoke a War?

Elliott Abrams

Israel has concluded that it should keep increasing pressure until Hamas—which started this war because it saw too many threats to its survival and dominance in Gaza—comes to see continued war as the key threat. Those who want the violence to end must realize that the larger the Israeli effort now, the sooner Hamas will conclude this round must be ended. Read more on Pressure Points »

What Are Israel's Options?

Richard N. Haass

Israel is faced with a decision over whether to seek a calm-for-calm, essentially a ceasefire with Hamas, or go beyond that and significantly reduce Hamas's inventory of rockets. Watch the interview »

Hamas's Not-So-Secret Weapon

Matthew Levitt

Soon after three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped last month, Israeli officials leaked to the press the name of the Hamas operational commander who is believed to be behind a recent surge in kidnapping plots. It was a familiar one for those who follow Hamas closely: Salah al-Arouri, a longtime Hamas operative from the West Bank. Read more »

An Interactive Look at the Conflict

For decades, the effects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have reverberated throughout the Middle East and the World. This interactive guide details the origins of the dispute and its often contested history. View the interactive »


Military Healthcare Issues Don't Stop at the VA

Jesse Sloman

The scandal surrounding the Veterans Health Administration has made headlines, but the media has missed the startling investigation into the safety lapses and oversight failures in America's other military health care system, the one run by the Pentagon for active-duty and retired service members. Read more on Defense in Depth »

The World Ahead

The World Next Week: July 10, 2014

James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon

Lindsay and McMahon discuss Israel and Hamas's increased tension; Chinese president Xi Jinping's Latin America trip; and Twitter's eighth anniversary. Listen to the podcast »

How to Be Friends With the NSA Again

Carla Anne Robbins

Although relations between Silicon Valley and Washington have never been easy, the technology sector's fury about hacking by the National Security Agency has company executives talking about the U.S. government as its new adversary. That could make the Internet an even more vulnerable place. Read the op-ed »

Britain’s Summer of Discontent

Steven Erlanger

Britain finds itself at an unusual crossroads this summer. In the coming months, it will face the Scottish independence referendum and a general election, the outcome of which could change not only the makeup of the Westminster parliament but also that of the European Union. Read the interview »

Tremors from the BNP Paribas Case

Juan Zurate

The $9 billion penalty levied on France's largest bank, BNP Paribas, demonstrates the growing rigor of U.S. prosecutions of illicit finance. The case will have implications for markets and will be looked at by all the major banks trying to do business in the United States and around the world. Read the interview »

Born in 1988? Sorry.

Peter Orszag

Being born twenty years before a time of high unemployment not only affects a person's income potential, but also limits one's lifetime earnings and chips away at health and happiness. Besides being born before an economic boom, individuals can protect themselves and their children by pursuing education. It not only boosts income but also protects health from the lasting effects of elevated unemployment. Read the op-ed »

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July 16: UN Security Council to Discuss Central African Republic and South Sudan, New York
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Inside CFR

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille discussed the challenges South Africa faces after twenty years of democracy, including the legacy of the apartheid years and economic difficulties in recent times. Watch the eventĀ»

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