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August 22, 2014

The World This Week

Washington Can’t Solve the Middle East's Identity Crisis

Steven A. Cook

Arab countries are caught up in conflicts over nationalism, identity, and citizenship. Left unresolved, there is little Washington can do to help. Read the op-ed »

The Crisis in Iraq and Syria

Devising a New Strategy

Leslie H. Gelb

President Obama must convince Americans that the Iraqi and Syrian crises represent real threats to international security. But in order to garner support, he must present achievable objectives and explain how he will leverage American power to attain those goals. Read the op-ed »

Can Iraq Save Itself?

Ned Parker

The selection of Haider al-Abadi to replace Nouri-al-Maliki as Iraq's prime minister is a hopeful sign. Abadi has a strong grasp of what will be necessary to repair the country's sectarian rifts, but faces the challenge of getting Iraqi politicians from all parties to overcome deep discord. Read the interview »

The ISIS Video and Military Strategy in Iraq

Clint Hinote

A gruesome video broadcast by jihadist fighters in Iraq and Syria signals their intent to transition from an insurgency to conventional warfare. However, the U.S. bombing campaign is having a significant and deleterious effect on the group. Read more on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Three Things to Know About the Humanitarian Crisis

Isobel Coleman

Jihadist fighters' advances across eastern Syria and northern Iraq are fueling a massive humanitarian crisis in the region. Despite the U.S. military intervention in Iraq, millions remain vulnerable. Watch the video »


'Cordon Sanitaire': Heartless, But Effective

Laurie Garrett

The imposition of quarantines by governments in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea to quell the Ebola outbreak may seem cruel, but strategic isolation, coupled with vast urban campaigns to capture the infected, are the only hopes for ending the state of siege. Read the op-ed »

Ebola, Fear, and Better Communication

John Campbell

The necessary care for those infected with Ebola, including quarantine and burial methods, are contrary to West African society's strong family and community-centered values. Public education campaigns will be vital to save lives. Read more on Africa in Transition »

The World Ahead

An Audio Preview of the World Next Week

Stewart M. Patrick and Robert McMahon

In this week's podcast, Patrick and McMahon discuss Russia-Ukraine talks in Minsk; Iran's deadline for providing information on its nuclear program; and Turkey's new president. Listen to the podcast »

The Women of ISIS

Nimmi Gowrinathan

Reports that women have formed their own brigade within ISIS have confounded experts. Why should women want to join a political struggle that so blatantly oppresses them? Read more on »

A Global Coalition to Safeguard Medicine

Stewart M. Patrick and Jeffrey Wright

In a globalized supply chain, medicines may be processed, packaged, sold, and resold multiple times before reaching consumers. That process gives rise to new threats, including poor traceability, counterfeit and substandard medicines, and antibacterial resistance. Read the Policy Innovation Memorandum »

Why Street Protests Work in Pakistan

Daniel S. Markey

Until Pakistan's leaders invest in institutions of democratic governance, starting with the parliament, street protests will plague incumbent leaders and become a central strategy for the political opposition. Read the op-ed »

Park Geun-hye’s “Correct View of History” With Japan

Scott A. Snyder

The anniversary of the Korean peninsula's independence from Japanese colonial rule remains a sensitive diplomatic subject in Northeast Asia. South Korean president Park Geun-hye's August 15 remembrance speech leaves open the possibility of improved ROK-Japan relations. Read more on Asia Unbound »

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August 27: World Health Organization to hold conference on health and climate, Geneva
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August 28: European Union General Affairs Council to meet, Italy
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