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January 2012

Immigration Update: “U.S. Border More Secure Than Ever”

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Immigration reform remains a hot topic in the 2012 presidential race. Watch CFR's Edward Alden discuss the candidates' need for moving beyond an enforcement-only approach in dealing with illegal immigrants.

According to Alden, "the border is more secure than ever. The problem remains however, what do you do with the settled illegal migrant population in the United States?" Alden estimates this population to fall between ten and eleven million, and postulates: "These are people who are not likely to leave, and the policies that are necessary to drive them out of the country are harsh and unproductive."


Spotlight: “Renewing America”

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U.S. Economy: Tools, Tractors, and Technology, Oh My!

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Slashing America's Defense: A Suicidal Trajectory

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Foreign Affairs eBook: “The Clash of Ideas”

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