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January 13, 2012

The World This Week

Is Peace With the Taliban Possible?

A potential Taliban office in Qatar has raised hopes for a negotiated end to the Afghan war. But numerous challenges remain even as a new controversy over U.S. troop behavior threatens to derail talks. Read the Analysis Brief »

How to Talk to the Taliban

Michael Semple

The office in Qatar could open the door for negotiation and bring the war in Afghanistan to a peaceful end. Despite the significant risks, it would still be better to move forward cautiously, rather than not engage at all. Read More on »


Can Iran Be Deterred?

The latest revelations over Iran's uranium enrichment activities have triggered debate over a slew of policy options from more sanctions to preventive strikes. Read the Analysis Brief »

U.S. Denies Targeted Killings of Iranian Scientists

Micah Zenko

The absence of transparency and oversight of ten years of targeted killings by the CIA and special operations forces makes U.S. denials regarding Iran less credible. Read more »

Why Iran Remains Defiant on the Nuclear Bomb

Ray Takeyh

Iran's rulers view possession of a nuclear bomb as a means to return to the international fold on their own terms. Read the op-ed »

Not the Time for an Iranian Revolution

Hooman Majd

In an effort to halt Iran's nuclear program, Washington and the West have been ramping up the pressure with sanctions and threats of war. None of it will work. The Green Movement has been vanquished, and the country is poised not for revolution, but more of the same. Read more on »


Egypt Faces Challenges a Year After Revolution

Steven A. Cook

Almost a year has passed since protestors in Cairo's Tahrir Square rallied to overthrow former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Yet, the Egyptian public remains loathe to articulate a coherent vision for Egypt, and "that is the challenge going forward." Read the interview »

Obama's Defense Strategy: Are Cuts Safe?

Richard K. Betts, Max Boot

Two CFR senior fellows debate the wisdom of President Obama's recent strategic review, military spending, and U.S. defense strategy overall on this breaking news media call. Read the transcript »

The World Ahead

Bracing for Instability in Syria

Robert M. Danin

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may appear increasingly embattled, but he continues to show defiance of the Arab League and the international community. Read the interview »

The Next President Will Have to Work with China

Elizabeth C. Economy

China's rising global prominence, increasing assertiveness, and upcoming leadership transition may pose significant challenges for the next U.S. president. Watch this Campaign 2012 Video »

Two Elections That Could Transform Latin America

Shannon K. O'Neil

Though fewer in number than in 2011, the two presidential elections on the docket for 2012 in Mexico and Venezuela will be important for the region. Read more on "Latin America's Moment" »

UN Security Council Reform: Is It Time?

Stewart M. Patrick

U.S. officials are ambivalent on the question of Security Council enlargement despite President Obama's endorsement for India's and Japan's bids for permanent seats. Watch the video »

U.S. Defense Should Follow “All-in or Stay Out” Policy, Writes Richard Betts in New Book on American Force

In American Force: Dangers, Delusions, and Dilemmas in National Security, CFR defense expert Richard K. Betts demonstrates that in the past two decades, U.S. military resources have been used with "too much breadth and too little depth." He recommends the United States exercise greater caution and restraint, using force less frequently ("stay out") but more decisively ("all-in"). Read more about the book


January 14: Presidential Election, Taiwan
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January 16: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Foreign Ministers of South Korea and Japan to Meet on North Korea, Washington, D.C.
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January 17: President Barack Obama to Host King Abdullah II of Jordan at the White House
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Senator Rob Portman Speaks at CFR: Portman discusses rebooting the American economy and global economic challenges in this CFR meeting, saying the United States must "make fundamental changes that add certainty to the economy, or else risk long-term decline relative to our major competitors." Read the transcript


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