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January 2012

Debt-Driven Doldrums or the Promise of Prosperity: America at a Crossroads

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Weighing in on the election-year debate at a recent CFR meeting, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) said the United States must reboot its economy to stay competitive on the global stage. Portman emphasized the need for increasing exports through free-trade agreements, which he believes the president has been lax in pursuing. He also called for reforms to the corporate tax code, including lowering the rates paid on repatriated foreign earnings. Read the Transcript » / Watch the Video »


Searching for Growth

The Soft Tyranny of Inflation Expectations

In the winter issue of International Finance, edited by CFR's Benn Steil, Bank of England monetary policy committee member Adam Posen argues that central banks must be careful not to set monetary policy on the basis of unwarranted fears of rising inflation expectations. Read more »

Five Myths About the Keystone XL Pipeline

Michael A. Levi separates fact from fiction regarding the Keystone XL pipeline's effects on the environment and economy. Read more »

In Defense of Financial Traders

To secure growth, Sebastian Mallaby champions hedge funds as appealing alternatives to too-big-to-fail institutions. Read more »

The Economic Recovery in Historical Context

The U.S. economic recovery is extraordinarily weak by historical standards. In fact, the latest quarterly Chart Book update shows the economy would need to grow at an inconceivable 7.6 percent annualized rate in order for this recovery to catch up with the typical recovery by the end of 2012. Read the Chart Book »

Currencies and Competitiveness

The Exchange-Rate Delusion

Michael Spence says too much blame has been heaped upon currencies for the West's economic woes. Read more »

Africa's Single Currency, the CFA Franc, in a Post-Euro Future

Andrew C. Miller and Neil Bouhan examine whether Africa's single-currency zone, stretching from Senegal to the Central African Republic and linking eight countries and 123 million people, will survive if the euro crashes. Read more »

As Americans Age

Look at Jobs Before Leaping on Older Retirement

Peter Orszag examines recent U.S. trends in retirement to better understand how the weak economy is affecting older workers. Read more »

Harness the Economic Power of an Aging Population

Michael Hodin urges U.S. presidential candidates to think about how empowering older women economically can benefit all Americans. Read more »

Housing Defriends the Facebook Generation

Many U.S. officials hope the housing market leads the way to economic recovery, but Geo-Graphics shows why today's young Americans may hesitate to become homeowners when they are older. Read the Blog »

The Domestic Underpinnings of U.S. Global Power

Led by Edward Alden, CFR's new Renewing America blog discusses issues such as national debt, trade, and failing infrastructure that have consequences for U.S. national security. Join the Conversation »



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