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February 3, 2012

The World This Week

New Afghan Combat Timetable Has Serious Problems

Stephen D. Biddle

The newly announced U.S. plan to end its combat mission in Afghanistan by mid-2013 could make it more difficult to realize the chief goal of helping Afghan national forces become self-sufficient. Watch the video »

What's at Stake in the Withdrawal?

The Pentagon's Afghanistan withdrawal plan has drawn familiar battle lines in the public debate over the proper endgame for the war. Read the Analysis Brief »

Iran Sanctions

Put Economic Pressure on Iran

Richard N. Haass

The extraordinary risks posed by a nuclear-armed Iran require Washington and its partners to step up activity on economic sanctions and diplomacy, even while preparing military options. Read the interview »

Managing Oil Markets in a Confrontation with Iran

Robert McNally

U.S. and EU moves to sanction Iran's oil exports have prompted worries about a disruption of global oil markets. A new CFR Energy brief outlines scenarios where rising tensions could affect the price of oil and disrupt supplies. Read the brief »

China and India Flouting Sanctions Against Iran

Michael A. Levi

Even sanctions that are ignored by China and India are better – and potentially quite a bit better – than no sanctions at all. Read more on "Energy, Security, and Climate" »

Japan's Iran Sanctions Dilemma

Sheila A. Smith

Cutting off Iranian oil imports has put Tokyo in a difficult position. The United States and its European allies have agreed to up the ante on sanctions against Iran, but the domestic costs that Japan has to bear in order to cooperate are higher. Read more on "Asia Unbound" »

Iran's Nuclear Program a Security Challenge for Saudis

F. Gregory Gause III

The U.S.-Saudi relationship has become increasingly strained since the onset of the Arab awakening, and Iran's nuclear ambitions could pose further challenges. Watch the video interview »


CIA Drones Emerge from the Shadows

Micah Zenko

President Obama made the unprecedented decision to publicly acknowledge that the United States is bombing suspected terrorists with drones. However, the president's defense did little to allay concerns, and only raised more questions that his administration should now answer publicly. Read more on "Politics, Power, and Preventive Action" »

How Myanmar Changed and What It Means

Joshua Kurlantzick

Myanmar's sudden transition from repressive pariah to potential democracy should be viewed through the lens of a military alarmed by people power revolts and by the country's increasingly shaky economic condition. Read the Expert Brief »

The World Ahead

How to Control the Budget Deficit? Do Nothing

Edward Alden

What should Congress and the Obama administration do to bring the federal deficit under control? According to the Congressional Budget Office's annual Budget and Economic Outlook the answer is quite simple: absolutely nothing at all. Read more on "Renewing America" »

Next President Will Face Immigration Question

Shannon K. O'Neil

Drug trafficking, changing immigration trends, and rising economic opportunities are the major issues the next president faces in dealing with Latin America. Watch the video »

Obama's Turn on Nuclear Weapons

Joseph Cirincione

After calling for a world "free of nuclear weapons," Obama now has to decide whether to maintain or shrink the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Read more on »

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February 3 - 5: 48th Munich International Security Conference, Germany
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U.S.-Pakistan Relations - The Year Past, The Year Ahead: Steve Coll, Robert Grenier, and Daniel Markey look at changes in the U.S.-Pakistan relationship and provide recommendations for moving forward. This meeting reconvenes three members of last year's CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force Report on U.S. Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Watch the video


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