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February 10, 2012

The World This Week

Does the Greek Deal Go Far Enough?

Even as Greek leaders agree to new austerity measures, the IMF is calling on the country's official creditors to sustain sacrifices by taking losses. The debate over eurozone policy now shifts to a more growth-oriented approach. Read the Analysis Brief »

The Euro Experiment Is Failing

Martin Feldstein

The collapse of the euro is no accident; it never made sense to yoke so many different economies and cultures together. They now find themselves trapped in a union that leaves no means of escape. Read more on »


Russia and China Concerned About Regime Change in Syria

Stewart M. Patrick

The Russian and Chinese veto of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to violence in Syria questions the viability of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine and poses a dilemma for the Obama administration. Watch the video »

How Should the International Community Address the Crisis?

Amid increasing fears of a civil war in Syria following the failure of the UN Security Council resolution, analysts remain divided over the question of intervention and how best to address the crisis. Read the Analysis Brief »

West Must Not Intervene Militarily in Syria

Ed Husain

Syria is not Libya, and NATO without the United States is not up to the job. The military option in Syria would not be an "international intervention," but a U.S. military intervention that would do more harm than good. Read the op-ed »

The Alternatives to Intervention Narrow

Elliott Abrams

The United States must provide military support to Syria's opposition to ensure the demise of the Assad regime in Syria. Read the op-ed »


U.S.-Egypt Relationship Deteriorating

Steven A. Cook

A year after President Hosni Mubarak's ouster from power, U.S.-Egypt relations are under threat as Cairo presses charges against U.S. nongovernmental pro-democracy workers. Egyptian military officers, politicians, and others have a domestic political interest in having this fight with the United States. Read the interview »

Palestinian Unity Deal Reflects a Changing Middle East

Robert M. Danin

The Hamas-Fatah unity deal reflects Palestinian efforts to find new patrons and new sources of support in the region. Watch the video »

U.S. Defense Budget Is at a Crossroads

As the Pentagon attempts to refocus the U.S. military strategy toward Asia, the department is facing major budget constraints. Experts are debating how to balance the fiscal challenge with the country's national security priorities. Read the Backgrounder »

The World Ahead

Next U.S. President Must Address Energy Policy

Michael A. Levi

U.S oil dependence has been decreasing recently, but energy policy will continue to present great challenges for the U.S. president taking office in 2013. Watch the video »

Foster Greater Chinese Investment in the United States

David M. Marchick

President Obama meets this week with Xi Jinping, China's vice president and soon-to-be leader. The U.S. government must increase Chinese direct investment by combating perceived prejudices, removing policy impediments, and encouraging U.S. businesses to partner with their Chinese counterparts. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

Should the United States Still Give Egypt Foreign Aid?

James M. Lindsay

The United States has great interests at stake in how Egypt's political transition plays out, even as its influence wanes. Insulating the U.S. aid relationship from the vagaries of politics in both countries will be a challenge for months to come. Read more on the blog »

China-Africa Oil Ties Expand

China has increased its economic ties with Africa as it seeks to fulfill its growing energy demands. But China's way of doing business has prompted international criticism, even as its policy of noninterference faces new challenges. Read the Backgrounder »

Can Vázquez Mota Win Mexico’s Presidential Election?

Shannon K. O'Neil

There are now three candidates for Mexico's presidential election, but it is Josefina Vázquez Mota who can upend the future of the country's politics. Unlike her two challengers, who are linked to the old guard, Vázquez Mota can claim the mantle of change, even against her own party. Read more on Latin America's Moment »

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