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Council on Foreign Relations State and Local Officials Bulletin
February 2012

U.S. and China: Financial Frenemies

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Carlyle Group Managing Director David M. Marchick calls for new U.S. government efforts to increase Chinese direct investment in the United States. Marchick assesses potential threats to U.S. national security from direct Chinese investment and outlines policy recommendations for the U.S. and Chinese governments. Read the Report


Spotlight: The Candidates and the World

This new CFR blog provides an up-to-date guide on the national security and foreign policy dimensions of the 2012 presidential race. It tracks the candidates' positions, offers insight on top issues, and gauges global reaction to the campaign. Join the Conversation »

Energy, the Environment, and the Election

CFR Senior Fellow Michael Levi argues that the winner of the presidential election will face at least three sets of energy challenges: continuing to reduce oil dependence, increasing U.S. supplies sustainably, and addressing acute crises such as supply disruptions. Watch the Video »

Speeding Up the U.S. Economic Recovery

CFR Fellow Peter Orszag wants the United States to rely more on automatic stabilizers (the components of the budget that cushion the blow from an economic decline) than on emergency congressional action to stem the shocks from recessions. "Automatic stabilizers allow for strong action in the face of two realities: that it's difficult to predict what economic growth will be, and that Congress is slow to respond to economic fluctuations, especially as political polarization increases," writes Orszag. Read more »

How the United States' Aging Population Can Drive Economic Competitiveness

Listen to Joseph Coughlin and Kelly Michel discuss how a healthy and active aging population can contribute to economic growth. At this CFR meeting, Coughlin and Michel expound on the public policy reform, new business strategies, and profound shifts in views on aging necessary for taking advantage of this opportunity. Listen to the Audio »