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Council on Foreign Relations Korea Update
February 2012

U.S.-ROK Relations: From Aid to Development Partnership

Scott A. Snyder and Seukhoon Paul Choi

Senior Fellow Scott A. Snyder and Research Associate Seukhoon Paul Choi analyze U.S.-ROK cooperation in international development.

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on international development cooperation on June 24, 2011, South Korea became the first former recipient of U.S. development assistance to partner with the United States as a fellow donor. As the two countries examine how to improve their respective international development programs, and pursue effective cooperation, they should seize the opportunity to establish a new system of partnerships between aid recipients and donors and enhance donor coordination. Read the Report


U.S.-South Korea Alliance

Why the United States Needs South Korea

Edited by Snyder, The US-South Korea Alliance: Meeting New Security Challenges evaluates the possibilities for enhanced U.S.-ROK cooperation in both traditional and nontraditional spheres and establishes why South Korea is one is one of the strongest partners for the United States. Read an Excerpt »

After Kim Jong-il

China's Deference to North Korean Stability

As China, the United States, and South Korea pursue stability in Northeast Asia, uncertainties regarding North Korean leadership will frame their policy options, argue Snyder and See-won Byun. Read the Article »

America and the Two Koreas

Snyder discusses the impact of Kim Jong-il's death on U.S. relations with, and reunification of, the two Koreas. Listen to the Podcast »

Is North Korea Ready for Talks?

It's unlikely the Six Party Talks will resume soon, argues Snyder. Read the Interview »

CFR's Korea Program in the News

Time: "Reading the Tea Leaves in Newly Announced U.S. Talks with North Korea" (February 13, 2012)

AsiaOne: "U.S., North Korea Hold First Talks Since Kim's Death" (February 13, 2012)

The Diplomat: "Is Kim Jong-un Dead?" (February 13, 2012)



The Program on U.S.-Korea Policy

The program on U.S.-Korea policy was established at the Council on Foreign Relations in September 2011. It aims to strengthen the U.S.-Korea relationship by providing relevant policy recommendations and promoting dialogue on sensitive bilateral, regional, and global issues facing the two countries. The program acknowledges the generous support it has received from the Smith Richardson Foundation, Korea Foundation, and South Korean private sponsors, including Hyundai Motors, Korea International Trade Association, and the Federation of Korean Industries. It also acknowledges with thanks additional support received from individual donor Sandor Hau.

Scott A. Snyder, Director
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Darcie Draudt, Research Associate


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