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February 17, 2012

The World This Week

How, and How Not, to Debate The Budget

Edward Alden

The President's budget has begun the conversation anew. And that's about the best, these days, that a budget can do. Read more on Renewing America »

What's at Stake for Corporate Taxes in the Budget?

As the White House releases the 2013 budget, corporate taxation could be an issue where Congress can find compromise on fiscal policy. Both parties agree the current corporate tax regime is inefficient and often disadvantages U.S. businesses globally. Read the Analysis Brief »

Xi Jinping's Visit

Xi's Tour Won't Fix the U.S.-Chinese 'Trust Deficit'

Elizabeth C. Economy

In any relationship between two countries, trust is only built over time. It requires clarity of intention, predictability of action, and a willingness to give before taking. All that is sorely lacking between Washington and China. Read more on »

Two Ways to Ease U.S.-China Economic Tensions

Sebastian Mallaby

While Xi's visit occurs at a time of resurfacing tensions over trade and China's currency, there are solutions for resolving the problems: offsetting trade disputes with a "positive initiative on the investment side," and embracing China's ambitions to internationalize its currency. Watch the video »

40 Years Ago Today: Richard Nixon Goes to China

James M. Lindsay

On February 17, 1972, President Richard Nixon departed on a historic trip to China that would end twenty-five years of estrangement between the two countries. Nixon's trip clearly demonstrates the idea that diplomacy matters in foreign policy. Watch the "Lessons Learned" video »

Fostering Greater Chinese Investment in the United States

David M. Marchick

The U.S. government must increase Chinese direct investment by combating perceived prejudices, removing policy impediments, and encouraging U.S. businesses to partner with their Chinese counterparts. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »


The Plot Thickens in Eurozone Crisis

Despite fresh austerity measures, Greece could still fail to secure a new EU-IMF bailout and default on its debt. But the plan for a fiscal compact to accelerate European integration forges ahead. Read the Backgrounder »

Bombings in Bangkok

Joshua Kurlantzick

On Tuesday, several explosions detonated in one of the most heavily crowded areas of Bangkok. The explosions seemed to surprise the Thai police and government, but they should not have. Despite an enormous security presence in the Thai capital and at its airports, Thailand remains extraordinarily vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Read Asia Unbound »

The World Ahead

Why We Still Need the World Bank

Robert Zoellick

Reflecting on his tenure, in the forthcoming issue of Foreign Affairs, Zoellick stresses the importance of development, and the bank's role in helping developing countries¬≠—its clients—"move beyond aid." Read more on »

The Quiet Revolutionary Who Saved the World Bank

Sebastian Mallaby

Robert Zoellick has guided the World Bank into an era of greater transparency, collaboration, and innovation. Read more »

Five Things to Know About the G20

Stewart M. Patrick

As Mexico prepares to welcome the first meeting of G20 foreign ministers this weekend, the future of the G20 remains unknown as the scope of its mission continues to be debated. Watch the video »

U.S. Needs a Strategy to Advance the Arctic Economy

Melissa Bert

Unlike its Arctic neighbors, the United States is failing to take full advantage of the tremendous economic potential of the Arctic region. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

Political Challenges Await Next U.S. President on Trade

Thomas J. Bollyky

The winner of the 2012 presidential election will face important leadership tests on trade, including leveling the playing field with China and finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Watch the video »

U.S.-South Korea Alliance Critical to Stability in Asia

As President Obama's new defense strategy seeks to shift resources to Asia, and the future of the Korean Peninsula remains uncertain, the United States will increasingly seek alliances in the region to ensure global stability, security, and prosperity. In a new volume of collected essays, CFR Senior Fellow Scott Snyder writes that one of the strongest partners for the United States is South Korea. Read the Book


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