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February 24, 2012

The World This Week

Tunis Meeting Signifies Syria's Importance

Robert M. Danin

While the Tunis meeting of the "Friends of Syria" serves as an expression of solidarity with the Syrian people, only a commitment to sustained, coordinated, high-level international efforts will end the horrors inflicted by Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Read more on Middle East Matters »

Violence in Syria: CFR Experts Debate Policy Options

Elliott Abrams, Robert M. Danin, Ed Husain, Micah Zenko

As the debate over intervention or arming the opposition grows amid continuing violence in Syria, four CFR experts offer their recommendations on how Washington should respond to the crisis. Read the debate »

Iran's Nuclear Program

Standoff Deepens Between Tehran and the West

Iran says it's ready to negotiate on its contentious nuclear program, but questions abound over Tehran's domestic politics and what measures the international community can agree upon. Read the Analysis Brief »

Why Iran Thinks It Needs the Bomb

Ray Takeyh

The Islamic Republic's strategy of marrying its identity to nuclear aggrandizement makes diplomacy even more daunting. Yet, Iran's determination to advance its nuclear program has come at a considerable cost, and international pressure could force Khomeinei to the negotiating table. Read the op-ed »

How to Talk Down Tehran's Nuclear Ambitions

Richard N. Haass, Michael A. Levi

It is in the United States' interest to pursue a negotiated outcome to the current impasse with Iran because the main alternatives to diplomacy—war or the existence of an Iran with nuclear weapons—will be costly and risky. Read the op-ed »

How to Engage Iran: What Went Wrong Last Time

Hossein Mousavian

Two schools of thought dominate Iran's foreign policymaking; first, that Iran and the United States can reach a compromise through negotiations, and second, that Washington is not a reliable partner. By pushing new sanctions and reneging on engagement, Washington has proved the second school right. Read the Snapshot on »


Protests Over Quran Burning May Spread Beyond Afghanistan

Ed Husain

In order to minimize the protests stemming from the burning of Qurans at a U.S. base, U.S. and NATO officials must reach out not only to Muslim governments but also to Muslim civil society and religious leaders. Watch the video »

Despite Drug Violence, Mexico's Economy Is Thriving

Shannon K. O'Neil

Mexico's economy and tourism industry are growing and are positively affecting U.S.-Mexico relations, immigration, and U.S. economic growth. This boom has come about despite an escalation in drug violence in recent years. Read the interview »

The World Ahead

The United States Needs a Real Corporate Tax Cut

Edward Alden

There is no morally defensible reason for cutting corporate taxes at a time of deepening national debt that will require greater burdens for all Americans. Unfortunately, it is a practical necessity. Read more on Renewing America »

The Case for Space

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Despite America's economic troubles, this is no time to abandon space exploration. "Even in troubled times, the United States is a sufficiently wealthy nation to embrace an investment in its own future." Read more in the new issue of Foreign Affairs »

U.S. Should Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Adam Segal

Since China's military finds value in cyberattacks, a "cybersecurity d├ętente" between the two powers seems unlikely, and the United States should focus on improving its defenses. Read more in the new issue of Foreign Affairs »

Next U.S. President Must Address Climate Policy

Michael A. Levi

The winner of the U.S. presidential election will face at least three sets of climate challenges including reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, facing international pressure, and developing climate-friendly technology. Watch the video »

Strengthen U.S.-ROK Cooperation on International Development

Scott A. Snyder, Seukhoon Paul Choi

The United States and South Korea should establish a new system of partnerships between aid recipients and donors and enhance donor coordination. Read the Working Paper »

March/April Issue of Foreign Affairs

The new issue is now available online with pieces on space exploration, U.S. defense strategy, polarization in American politics, and more. Read the issue


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