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Council on Foreign Relations Religion and Foreign Policy Bulletin
March 2012

Spotlight on Religious Leaders: Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove

Elliot Cosgrove, rabbi at the Park Avenue Synagogue, is one of the new leaders of the Conservative Movement. Ordained at The Jewish Theological Seminary in 1999, Rabbi Cosgrove earned his PhD at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He is the editor of Jewish Theology in Our Time: A New Generation Explores the Foundations and Future of Jewish Belief and has published multiple collections of his sermons. Read Rabbi Cosgrove's sermons >>

Global Governance Monitor: Human Rights

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(Courtesy Reuters)


CFR's newest Global Governance Monitor looks at human rights violations around the world. The interactive guide affirms that while international human rights monitoring agencies have made critical strides in the struggle to prevent atrocities and hold offending leaders accountable, efforts continue to fall short in many crucial areas. Consult this award-winning CFR monitor to track progress on the protection of human rights around the world. View the Guide >>


Egypt's Copts Mourn the Death of Orthodox Leader

CFR's Robert M. Danin reflects on the death of Pope Shenouda III, leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church. "Shenouda's death comes at a time of deepening insecurity among Egypt's ten million Copts and fears of increasing sectarian strife," writes Danin on his blog Middle East Matters. Danin discusses the Pope's legacy and suggests Shenouda's successor will "play a critical role in helping to shape Coptic-Muslim relations in post-revolutionary Egypt." Follow the Blog »

The Danger in Mixing God and Politics

In this Foreign Affairs essay David E. Campbell and Robert Putnam compare the relationship between religion and politics in the United States today with that of sixty years ago. They find that the influence of an increasingly conservative political right in the religious realm has led many Americans today to abandon the pews.
Read this Foreign Affairs essay »

Sports: Muslim Female Athletes Making Strides

CFR's Isobel Coleman looks at how sports have become an arena in which the struggle for women's rights in Islamic societies is playing out. On her blog "Democracy in Development," Coleman explains how recent moves by soccer authoritity FIFA and the Saudi government are taking steps toward meeting the demands of women for more inclusivity. Read more »