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March 2012

Join CFR at the International Studies Association Convention

Join us for the annual CFR Academic Initiative event at the International Studies Association Convention in San Diego. The luncheon discussion "U.S.-China Relations and Domestic Politics" will take place on Monday, April 2, from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m., at the Omni San Diego Hotel, Gallery 1, 675 L Street, and will feature:

  • Barry J. Naughton, Professor of Chinese Economy and Sokwanlok Chair of Chinese International Affairs, University of California, San Diego;
  • Adam Segal, Ira A. Lipman Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism and National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations;
  • Jessica Chen Weiss, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University; and
  • Joseph S. Nye Jr., University Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard Kennedy School, moderating.

To register, please email

We hope you will also visit CFR in the exhibition hall. We will be located at booths 404, 406, and 408 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.


New Book Argues That No Power Will Dominate the Coming Era

Enhance your syllabus with CFR Senior Fellow Charles Kupchan's new book, No One's World: The West, the Rising Rest, and the Coming Global Turn. Ask your students to defend or dispute Kupchan's assertions that the West's material and ideological dominance is coming to an end, and that the twenty-first century "will belong to no one." Order the Book »

New Interactive on Human Rights

CFR's newest Global Governance Monitor uses a range of materials, including video, maps, timelines, and expert analysis, to track progress on the protection of human rights around the world. Have students go through this multimedia resource individually or in small groups to gain an in-depth understanding of human rights issues, institutions, and central debates. Explore the Interactive »

In the Classroom: Robin Holzhauer

Robin Holzhauer, the Department of State's diplomatic faculty adviser at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, says that cadets in her class on Russia dove into the study of Russian politics with readings from CFR. Ms. Holzhauer assigned CFR Senior Fellow Stephen Sestanovich's congressional testimony, "Evaluating the Reset: Is it Time for a Pause?" and Dmitri Trenin's Foreign Affairs essay, "Russia's Line in the Sand on Syria: Why Moscow Wants To Halt the Arab Spring." Several cadets also participated in the Academic Conference Call with Ambassador Sestanovich, and others used CFR resources when researching and writing their term papers, which examined issues such as the direction of U.S-Russia relations.


After Drawdown, Diplomacy and Development

Assign students this article by CFR's Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. Ask them to consider the implications of the withdrawal of U.S. troops for Afghan society—and in particular, Afghan women—and the best ways for the United States to ensure stability and security. Access the Article »

New Trial for Afghanistan Mission

With links to multiple articles, this CFR Analysis Brief helps students understand what's at stake for U.S.-Afghan relations following the massacre of Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier, the debates surrounding the incident, and U.S. policy options going forward. Read the Analysis Brief »


Wave of Universal Health Coverage in Emerging Economies

Distribute this article by CFR expert Yanzhong Huang in your class and have students explore why many emerging economies are embarking on universal health care plans despite the economic recession. Encourage students to analyze this trend in light of the ongoing healthcare debate in the United States. Read More »

The Worse the Economy Gets, the Longer People Live

Share this op-ed by CFR's Peter Orszag with students and lead a class discussion on the surprising relationship between economic downturns and improvements in life expectancy. Download the Report »


The links below allow you special access to these subscribers-only articles.

"The Future of U.S.-Chinese Relations"

Add this essay by Henry A. Kissinger to your syllabus and stage a class debate on whether confrontation or collaboration is the best U.S. policy choice for dealing with a rising China.

"Rethinking Latin America"

In this article from the March/April issue of Foreign Affairs, Christopher Sabatini argues that U.S. scholars and policymakers need a new paradigm for relations with Latin America. Have students share their views on how the United States might shift its approach to this region.



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CFR is committed to serving as a resource for the academic community and encouraging students from all disciplines to consider how international issues shape their own lives and the lives of others across the globe. As part of these efforts, the CFR Academic Outreach Initiative provides a forum for educators and students to interact with CFR experts and join the debate on foreign policy. CFR offers a vast array of research and multimedia tools, developed by leading scholars and practitioners, for teaching and learning about international relations and the role of the United States in the world. For more information, please contact


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