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March 30, 2012

The World This Week

Arab League Summit Focuses on Syria

Mohamad Bazzi

The Arab League summit in Baghdad is focused on Syria, but events on the ground appear to have already outpaced the regional group. Although Syrian president Bashar al-Assad says he accepts the new ceasefire plan backed by Special Envoy Kofi Annan, Assad continues his crackdown. Read the interview »

Three Things to Know About the Summit

Ned Parker

The summit in Baghdad presents questions about the organization's role in a changed Middle East, the durability of Assad's regime in Syria, and Iraq's security and regional ties. Watch the video »

Nuclear Security Summit

Nations Make Progress on Nuclear Security

Micah Zenko

The Seoul summit advances global efforts on securing nuclear materials in dozens of countries, but the challenge will be to sustain the focus on the universal elimination of weapons-usable material. Read the First Take »

South Korea's Nuclear Concerns Beyond the Summit

Fred McGoldrick

In addition to hosting a successful 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, South Korea is addressing the North Korean nuclear threat and nuclear energy safety. Read the report »

Remember the Dangers Beyond Iran and North Korea

Michael A. Levi

Nuclear materials that could be used by terrorists remain in dozens of countries around the world, and improved security is needed to lower the odds of a nuclear terrorist attack. The summit in Seoul reminds the international community of these threats. Read the interview »

Measuring Success in Seoul

Stewart Patrick

North Korea attempted to steal the show by threatening to launch a "satellite" (aka long-range missile). This calculated provocation should not overshadow the significance of the summit and its efforts to bolster the global nuclear nonproliferation regime. Read the blog post »


North Korea Grapples with Transition Dilemma

Scott A. Snyder

A planned satellite launch by North Korea caused the suspension of U.S. food aid. This launch is tied up with the leadership transition in North Korea, as Pyongyang grapples with whether to choose international legitimacy or domestic political consolidation. Read the interview »

Sudan Struggles with Instability and Violence

Nicholas Kristof

Nubans in the southern Kordofan region of Sudan are being killed by the government for rebelling against the state. Kristof discusses military tactics the Sudanese government is using to crush insurgencies and what options the United States and the UN have now. Watch the video interview on »

The World Ahead

The Export-Import Bank Keeps Americans in Business

Robert E. Rubin, Vin Weber

The bank is a government agency that increases U.S. jobs and earns money for the Treasury. It deserves bipartisan support, and efforts by Congress to block funding are misguided. Read the op-ed »

Next President Will Need to Work with India

Daniel S. Markey

The winner of the 2012 U.S. presidential election must be prepared to deal with a potential reemerging crisis between India and Pakistan, engage with India over its relations with Iran and interests in Afghanistan, and face an upcoming leadership transition in India. Watch the video »

Can Jim Yong Kim Lead the World Bank?

Isobel Coleman

President Obama's surprise announcement of Jim Yong Kim for World Bank president is stirring controversy. Kim will soon find that figuring out how to keep the Bank relevant in today's world is a tougher challenge than anything he has faced before. Read more on"Democracy and Development »

Americans Want Gain, Not Pain, at the Pump

Michael A. Levi

In new polls, people say that they want lower gas prices, but they don't seem all that interested in pursuing policies that might deliver them–instead, they seem more interested in gimmicks and distractions. Read more on Energy, Security, and Climate Change »

This Week in History

LBJ Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection

James M. Lindsay

President Lyndon B. Johnson's announcement on March 31, 1968, that he would not seek reelection shows the damage that foreign policy can do to a presidency. Watch the Lessons Learned video »

A Multimedia Look at Nuclear Proliferation

An updated component of the Global Governance Monitor tracks multilateral efforts to combat the spread of nuclear weapons through videos, an interactive maps, and expert analysis. Explore the interactive

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March 30 - April 1: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits Saudi Arabia and Turkey
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April 2: President Barack Obama to Host Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon for North American Leaders Summit, Washington, DC
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