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Council on Foreign Relations This Month in Geoeconomics
From the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies

March 2012

How to Create Jobs and Improve Competitiveness

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At a recent CFR meeting led by the Levin Institute's Garrick Utley, DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman and UBS president Robert Wolf joined acting OMB director Jeffrey Zients to discuss the recommendations generated from their work on President Obama's Jobs Council. Panelists said that improving infrastructure and tackling regulatory reform are immediate steps U.S. policymakers can take to boost employment, but a comprehensive plan to strengthen the American economy must include long-term initiatives addressing education, energy, and innovation. Watch the Video »


The Monetary Outlook

Financing America's Debt

In the most recent issue of International Finance, edited by CFR's Benn Steil, Treasury's John Kitchen and former CEA economist Menzie Chinn argue that unprecedented levels and growth of foreign official Treasury holdings will be required to keep longer-term U.S. interest rates from rising well above consensus projections. Read the Article »

The Fed and the ECB Should Be Trading Places

Sebastian Mallaby asks whether the Fed might be falling behind its Continental counterpart in exercising bold economic leadership. Read more »

Tax and Trade

The Ex-Im Bank Keeps Americans in Business

CFR Co-Chairman Robert E. Rubin and former Republican congressman Vin Weber argue that the Export-Import Bank creates U.S. jobs and earns money for the Treasury, and so deserves bipartisan support. Read more »

The White House Should Stop Coddling Buffett

Benn Steil's Financial Times op-ed shows that whereas the impact of the "Buffett Rule" on Warren Buffett's tax liability is trivial, the political capital he has accrued appears to be leveraging his investments. Read more »

No Revenue Means Steep Social Security Cuts Under Romney

Peter Orszag and Peter Diamond argue that, by forgoing revenue increases, Mitt Romney's plan for Social Security reform will have to rely on excessive benefit cuts to rein in long-term deficits. Read more »

Powering Up

The Driller in Chief

Michael A. Levi says President Obama's critics insist that he has been a disaster for the energy industry, but the numbers tell a different story. Read more »

How to Avoid a Wind and Solar Trade War

Drawing on the lessons of the Information Technology Agreement, Matthew Slaughter calls for the elimination of international trade and investment barriers in energy industries. Read more »

Recharging American Energy Policy

Michael Spence writes that more persistence, long-term thinking, and bipartisanship should be applied to the way the United States handles issues of energy efficiency and security. Read more »

Where Have All the Profits Gone? Karl Marx Could Have Told You

The latest Geo-Graphic shows that U.S. labor's share of income has shrunk over the past thirty years while personal dividend income has grown, which has implications for widening inequality in the United States. Read the Blog »



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