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April 20, 2012

The World This Week

China's Leadership Shift in Disarray

Elizabeth C. Economy

Politician Bo Xilai's sudden fall from grace unmasks long-suspected corruption within the political ranks and undermines a smooth leadership transition for the Communist Party. Read the interview »

Don't Leave Afghanistan a Mess

Daniel Markey

The latest spate of violence in Afghanistan is unlikely to change the course of planned troop withdrawals, but should refocus efforts on bringing Pakistan-based militants under control. Read the interview »

The World Bank

Does Kim's Appointment Signal Change?

Oliver Stuenkel, Sook Jong Lee, Daniel Bradlow, Stewart M. Patrick

Four experts from Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, and the United States assess the challenges in Jim Yong Kim's appointment as World Bank president and examine whether the institution needs governance reform. Read the Expert Roundup »

The Bank Needs a Post-G20 Worldview

Laurie Garrett

An examination of Jim Yong Kim's career in public health gives clues about how he will handle the role of president. Read the Expert Brief »

Reform the Bank

Thomas J. Bollyky

For the first time since the World Bank's creation at the end of World War II, the United States faced a real challenge over the bank's leadership. The United States should use this controversy to reform how the institution is governed. Read the op-ed »

Examining the World Bank's History

Since its founding in 1944, the World Bank has evolved from a lender focused on European reconstruction into the preeminent international institution for economic development and poverty reduction. Read the Backgrounder »


Negotiations with Iran Have Relieved Tensions on Nuclear Issue

Ray Takeyh

The just-concluded first round of Iran negotiations with Western powers has produced a new atmosphere. All of the parties involved want to take a step back and relieve some of the tensions that have surrounded the Iranian nuclear issue in the past couple of months. Read the interview »

Botching the Bomb

Jacques E. C. Hymans

Nuclear weapons are hard to build for managerial reasons, not technical ones. This is why so few authoritarian regimes have succeeded: they don't have the right institutional culture. When it comes to Iran's program, the United States and its allies should get out of the way and let Iran's worst enemies–its own leaders–fail on their own. Read more on »

The World Ahead

High Stakes for the EU in France's Presidential Vote

Charles A. Kupchan

Whichever candidate succeeds in winning over a disaffected electorate, France's next president faces tough choiceson EU integration, immigration, the NATO mission in Afghanistan, and economic reformswith wide-ranging consequences. Read the Expert Brief »

How to Respond to North Korea's False Promises

Scott A. Snyder

The United States should redouble its efforts to shape North Korea's strategic environment rather than try to identify the right combination of carrots and sticks to be used in a negotiation with Pyongyang. Read the Congressional testimony »

Parsing U.S. Immigration Reform

Edward Alden

As the Supreme Court prepares to take on Arizona's controversial immigration law and the Obama administration carries out nationwide sweeps, comprehensive reform remains less attainable than narrower, more targeted legislation. Read the interview »

Without Intervention in Syria, There Is No End in Sight

Akil Hashem

With Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's regime and the opposition vowing to continue fighting, the stalemate in Syria will not end unless the international community intervenes militarily. If Assad were to fall, there will be chaos in Syria. But anything that comes after the regime would be better, says a former Syrian general. Read the Foreign Affairs interview »

This Week in History

The Bay of Pigs Invasion

James M. Lindsay

The Bay of Pigs invasion, which began on April 17, 1961, shows the importance of preparing for failure and planning accordingly. Watch the Lessons Learned video »

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