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April 27, 2012

The World This Week

Bahrain's Standoff Is Complicated

Ed Husain

The situation on the ground is one that's very different from the predominant narrative here in the West about Bahrain. Democracy can only be achieved by seeking a political settlement. Read the interview »

International Community Must Unite Against Northern Sudan

Jendayi Frazer

Sudan and South Sudan are on the brink of war, and the United States and China must press both sides to return to the negotiating table. Read the interview »

Preventing Atrocities

Obama Takes Serious Steps

Paul B. Stares

The establishment of the Atrocities Prevention Board by President Obama represents a major advance in the U.S. commitment to counter genocide and mass atrocities. The move deserves credit, but must be given time to work properly. Read the First Take »

New Tools Go Beyond Syria

Stewart M. Patrick

Obama's welcome innovations will give him and his successors an institutional system and policy tools to work with other nations to anticipate, deter, and respond to crimes against humanity. Read the blog post »

Strengthening the Global Human Rights Regime

An elaborate global system to promote human rights domestically and abroad has achieved marked success. The international response to mass atrocities has seen the greatest progress, even if enforcement remains inconsistent. View the Global Governance Monitor »


Socialist Candidate Remains the Favorite in France

Charles A. Kupchan

Following the first round of France's presidential election, Francois Hollande and Nicholas Sarkozy will prepare for the run-off elections on May 6. If Hollande wins, a potential rift between Germany's Angela Merkel and Hollande could result in a political crisis within the EU. Watch the video »

U.S.-Afghan Partnership Needs Specific Commitments

Max Boot

The new U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership agreement is a step forward as the Western troop drawdown clock ticks down, but Washington must provide more specific pledges for Afghanistan's security.  Read the First Take »

The World Ahead

U.S.-Japan Alliance Crucial for Security in Asia

Sheila A. Smith

In an era of U.S. budget constraints, the United States will have to rely on its allies in order to accomplish its strategic objectives. None will matter more than Japan. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

How to Run a Campaign: Cicero's Election Strategy

James Carville

In 64 BCE, the Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero ran for consul. His younger brother, Quintus, wrote a detailed memo laying out what Marcus needed to do to win. The guide gives advice that remains relevant for today's camapaigners. Read more in Foreign Affairs »

Global Governance Strategies for Beating the Resource Curse

Terra Lawson-Remer

Abundant reserves of minerals and petroleum often precipitate a "resource curse" in countries with weak governance institutions: fostering political corruption, eroding democratic accountability, inciting armed conflict, and undermining inclusive and sustainable growth. Read the Policy Innovation Memo »

U.S. President in 2012 Faces Civil Liberties Challenges

Matthew C. Waxman

The next president will have to decide how to put detention, interrogation, and lethal targeting policy on durable legal footing, in light of the fact that al-Qaeda remains a threat, but one that is increasingly dispersed and decentralized. Watch the video »

May/June Issue of Foreign Affairs

The new issue is now available online with pieces on Obama's foreign policy; a pared down U.S. army; and why the best way to keep Iran from getting the bomb is to just leave it alone. Read the issue.

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April 30: President Barack Obama to Host Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the White House
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May 1: First Anniversary of the Killing of Osama Bin Laden
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