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May 4, 2012

The World This Week

Chen Deal a 'Daring Gamble' for U.S. and China

Jerome A. Cohen

As Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner participate in the annual Security and Economic Dialogue, the United States must ensure that it protects blind activist Chen Guangcheng, and continues to pressure China to respect the rule of law. Read the transcript from the breaking news call »

U.S.-China Relationship Has No Guiding Principle

Adam Segal

Despite growing U.S.-China economic ties, the relationship is entering a bumpy period, with tension over China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, differences on Iran and North Korea, and questions about cybersecurity. Read the interview »


More Questions Than Answers

Richard N. Haass

The main question from President Obama's speech this week is not whether some U.S. forces are to stay in Afghanistan, but the purpose and scale of the ongoing commitment. While the United States still has interests in Afghanistan, none of them, other than opposing al-Qaeda, are vital. Read the First Take »

Beyond Bin Laden, a Dangerous World

Linda Robinson

One year later, the impact of Osama bin Laden's death has been symbolic, and has not directly affected al-Qaeda's operational capacity. The organization has metastasized, with al-Qaeda-associated movements more entwined in local conflicts, grievances, and causes, and less focused on hitting the United States. Read the interview »

How Risky Was the Raid?

Micah Zenko

Obama's authorization of the bin Laden raid was indeed risky, but many analysts and commentators exaggerate the likely political costs to the president. Read more on Politics, Power, and Preventive Action »

Al Qaeda Faces Challenge from Islamist Democrats

William McCants

Although some al Qaeda plots have continued to succeed one year after the death of Osama bin Laden, the organization has hardly experienced the bounty that it long expected, and is facing an unexpected challenge from democratic movements. Read more on »


The West Can’t Borrow and Spend Its Way to Recovery

Raghuram G. Rajan

The West's recent growth was dependent on borrowing, and going even further into debt now won't help. Instead, countries need to address the underlying flaws in their economies. Read more on »

The World Ahead

Predicting the Next Putin Presidency

Stephen Sestanovich

Vladimir Putin's third term as Russia's president could be characterized by greater political competition and middle-class opposition domestically, along with mixed relations with the United States. Read the interview »

A Bottom-Up Solution to America's Immigration Dilemma

Jagdish N. Bhagwati, Francisco Rivera-Batiz

Interstate competition for illegal labor will force states with tough illegal immigration policies to soften their stances. Read the op-ed »

Debate Continues Over Iran Sanctions

Decades of economic and diplomatic sanctions have failed to substantively alter the actions of the Iranian regime, especially regarding its nuclear program. But experts say they remain an important tool to isolate and pressure Iran, and the latest round seems to have brought Iran back to the negotiating table. Read the Backgrounder »

Get an Audio Preview of the World Ahead editor Robert McMahon and Director of Studies James M. Lindsay preview the second round of presidential elections in France, Vladimir Putin's swearing in as the new president of Russia, North Korea's third nuclear test, and Secretary Clinton's visit to Bangladesh and India. Listen to the podcast

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